Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

Cyan Ta’eed – From Imposter Syndrome to Rich List

July 02, 2019

Our guest this week is a serial entrepreneur and one of Australia’s richest and most successful women. She’s also one of the humblest and most honest people you’re likely to meet. We’re talking about Cyan Ta’eed, Co-Founder of digital marketplaces business, Envato, and Founder of ethical luxury chocolate company, Hey Tiger and Milkshake, a new app for Instagram influencers.

Cyan is a true creative and started her career as a graphic designer. However after a brief stint working for someone else she decided working for herself was the way to go. She and her then boyfriend, started a side hustle to sell stock photographs and digital assets to other creatives. 

Fast forward 13 years and Envato, the name of that marketplaces company, is now worth more than A$1bn, employs over 500 people and has more than one billion digital goods for sale. Not only that, but Cyan has gone on to start, amongst other things, Hey Tiger, a chocolate social enterprise aimed at women as well as her latest start up Milkshake, a website building app for Instagrammers.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

How Cyan and her husband, Collis, took the Envato business from zero to being valued at over AU$1bn without any real plan
How an eye ulcer and sleep deprivation led her to start her chocolate social venture Hey Tiger
What she did to get over her “massive imposter syndrome”
Why she views self care as a non-negotiable
Her learnings about difficult conversations 

Enjoy this episode with the inspiring and down-to-earth Cyan Ta’eed. 


Serial entrepreneur and rich lister Cyan Ta'eed & her husband Collis. Cyan with her Hey Tiger chocolate brand which is designed for women with a social conscience and a love for amazing chocolate ...yes please!

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