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Dollars & Sense

Communicating Plans and Organizing Classrooms

October 08, 2020

On June 1, 2020, Carol Topp of hosted a webinar titled Planning an Uncertain Future for homeschool group leaders. The purpose of the webinar was to help homeschool groups plan their fall activities given the COVID-19 pandemic was making it uncertain of they could operate.

The webinar is available to watch on YouTube at no charge. It runs for one hour and 38 minutes! This podcast will air the highlights in smaller chunks over five episodes.

Join this episode and the other five episodes as Carol and three panelists discuss:


* Part 1: Making decisions as a board or team
* Part 2: Tools a homeschool group can use for planning an uncertain future
* Part 3: How are the panelists dealing with social distancing rules and wearing masks
* Part 4: Questions regarding lawsuits, health restrictions, and accommodating new families
* Part 5: How to communicate the plan to the members and organize a classroom
* Part 6: Using Zoom, offering refunds and other topics.

During the podcast Carol mentioned:

* A mentoring program to train others in helping homeschool leaders. Get details at com/mentoring
* The I am a Homeschool Group Leader Facebook group. Please join us!

Featured Product

Mentoring from HomeschoolCPA

Carol Topp, CPA, the homeschool CPA, is offering a mentoring opportunity to train mentees to assist homeschool groups and their leaders.

A potential mentee should have:

* Love and passion for homeschooling.
* Education and experience in accounting. A BS or BA in business or accounting. CPA license (even if currently inactive) is strongly preferred.
* Experience in nonprofit leadership such as being on a board of a church or nonprofit organization

For more information go to