dokupied podcast - anime, manga, light novels, industry news

dokupied podcast - anime, manga, light novels, industry news

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76 – Goodbye, Don Glees!
September 15, 2022

I saw this in theater last night at the screening and I'm super glad I did. It's a really good movie overall and if you liked A Place Further than the Universe, you will absolutely like this too, as i

75 – Tearmoon Empire by Nozomu Mochitsuki
August 11, 2022

I'm finally back after Anime Expo and Otakon (and covid) with another light novel series from J-Novel Club! I really enjoy Tearmoon and Mia's antics and it never fails to make me laugh or cry. Go read

74 – D-Genesis: Three Years after the Dungeons Appeared by Kono Tsuranori
June 09, 2022

I'm back with another recent J-Novel Club light novel license with more adult characters in a grounded, hard scifi/fantasy story. Sign me up! - Light Novel: D-Genesis: Three Years after the Dungeons A

73 – Pompo: The Cinephile by Shogo Sugitani
May 05, 2022

I finally got to see Pompo in theaters, so I wanted to share my thoughts on this movie and manga! Also, after recording I found this interview with the director that was short and interesting. - Manga

72 – Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Trilogy + Zeta Gundam: A New Translation
April 14, 2022

Gundam Info the official YouTube channel streamed 10 films to celebrate almost getting to 2 million subscribers. Among them were the OG MSG Movie Trilogy, which I've seen and loved, and Zeta Movie Tri

71 – The Dangers in My Heart by Norio Sakurai
March 31, 2022

This episode I talk about a cute and awkward new romcom story by the author of Mitsudomoe. I love the dynamic between the leads and all the facial expressions/reactions. Have you checked this manga ou

70 – My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World by Tamamaru
March 10, 2022

I checked out another new J-Novel Club light novel series this week, this time featuring a fellow "middle-aged" protagonist who just wants to live the slow life and make stuff. - Light Novel: My Quiet

69 – 10 Random Romance Anime + Manga Recommendations (Plus a secret extra)
February 17, 2022

Well, I was going to talk about something completely different, but then I realized it was episode 69. Now you get a random mix of recommendations for romance anime and manga that I've enjoyed. Listen

68 – Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
February 03, 2022

I finally got around to seeing one of the biggest entries in the Gundam franchise, SEED. I watched the HD Remaster version, which was quite nice. I know SEED and DESTINY have been talked about to deat

67 – In the Land of Leadale by Ceez
January 13, 2022

I'm back to start the year off with another new (but not) light novel series. The anime adaptation is currently airing right now too (on episode 2 as of this week). Are you enjoying it? - Light Novel: