Latest Episodes

DOGCHAT Ep 15: You Are Here 2016 (Radio Edit)
August 19, 2016

(((catching up - remember when we did a live show?))) In most legit episode yet, we do our little dog radio thing for the 2016 You Are Here Festival in Canberra. Featuring real actual audience members (human and canine), we chat Lauretta being a jerk...

DOGCHAT Ep 14: We Are Done But The Semester Is Not (Plus Your Questions, Answered!)
August 12, 2016

(((man, it's weird to listen back and remember how cold it was in may - DOGCHAT catching up still!!))) In our most Ask Dolly Magazine episode yet, we answer YOUR questions PLUS! We strap ourselves into the out of control freight train...

DOGCHAT Ep 13: Dogchatting with Desmond Morris
August 05, 2016

(((DOGCHAT still catching up!))) In our most factually accurate episode yet, we discuss Minty the ANUSA dog, girls in highschool who own snakes, and all your burning dog questions answered by the wise words of Desmond Morris, author of Dogwatching...

DOGCHAT Ep 12: All-Star Casting
July 30, 2016

(((sorry for absence and welcome to the DOGCHAT backlog catch-up series))) In our meme-iest episode yet, Lauretta is joined by special guest Alistair! Where is Gillian? No one mentions it and I can't remember. Alistair is a long, long boy. They...

BONUS EP: Cameron and Shaan
May 01, 2016

In our most Tasmanian episode yet, Lauretta ventures out alone to one the haunts of her youth and chats with buddies Cameron and Shaan about their dogs, kissing seagulls, and passerby pups. The heat is ON as she tests their relationship with a...

DOGCHAT Ep 11: In Case You Forgot It Was The 90's...
March 31, 2016

In our most nostalgic episode to date, we throwback to the 90's classic tv show 'Dogs With Jobs' and chat pups, perms and the fact that all the dogs we love will eventually die. All that, plus some golden dogspots (Spoiler: blind pups) and another...

DOGCHAT Ep 9: Pre-Drinking Activity
March 18, 2016

In our chattiest chat yet, we lie back on Lauretta's lumpy college dorm single bed and reflect on the dogs of our lives. We get real talk happening with some intense introspection, a fun announcement, and a record number of dog spots.

DOGCHAT Ep 8: 2015, Who Remember
March 11, 2016

In our most Broad City's Bingo Bronson Episode episode yet, we medicate our flu symptoms and get into some chats about pertinent dog tweeting, yet more Jeb Bush and (finally) Johnny Depp's unlawful animals. We take some calls from listeners.

DOGCHAT Ep 7: The Bad Man
March 10, 2016

In our most Rachel Maddow episode yet we discuss human eyes and dog faces, Gill as Jeb and the crazy volatile political sphere of Facebook's Dogspotting.

DOGCHAT Ep 6: The Next (Millennial) Generation
March 09, 2016

Back to the future in our only skype episode yet, we tackle the inevitable and the REAL: "no dogs will ever love us, and most of them will die." We chat back home balling, Please Like Me dog-plegangers and the fame of the dead dog world.