Doctrine Matters Podcast

Doctrine Matters Podcast

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Lets talk about Francis Chan and Todd White
August 12, 2020

Both Francis Chan and Todd White have said some things lately. Let's take a look at what each of them have said and how we should respond.

Pastors, Pandemics, and Repentance
August 11, 2020

Many pastors are continuing to make decisions in the midst of a pandemic. How will you support your pastor, elders, and leadership during this difficult time? Todd White has also claimed to repent. What should our response be as believers?

Christ Not Caesar
July 30, 2020

A large Church in Southern California defied the governors orders to not gather as the Church. Were they right or wrong? What would you do? On this episode we get into gathering as the Church during a pandemic,

While We Wait
July 23, 2020

What a time to be alive! With so much happening in our world what do we do while we wait?  

You go to that Church!?!?
July 14, 2020

Have you ever had anyone ask you what Church you go to, and when you tell them they gasp and then tell you why you shouldn't be there? There are so many Churches in our world that people need to stay away from. But what about those God honoring,

Should the Church take a Stance
July 09, 2020

With everything that is happening in our world today, should Churches take a stance? Should the Church let the congregation and the community know where it stands on the issues in our culture today? Regardless of what side of the fence each Church find...

Abortion and Adoption
July 02, 2020

In this episode I talk about abortion and adoption. I begin with stating my position on abortion and move to challenging the Church to speak up. The topic will then shift to adoption and one of the most sobering quotes from this episode is,

The Divided States of America
July 01, 2020

Our country is more divided now more than ever. Every single day we hear something new that adds to the ever growing list of concerns that we have for our country. Whether it be debates over a flag, masks, protests, or racism,

Church Growth
June 25, 2020

Every Church wants to grow, but not all Churches want to grow the right way. With so many Churches using gimmicks to lure people in, sadly the depth of God's Word lacks and the whole counsel of God is almost never preached.

Power and Providence
June 23, 2020

Our world seems to be in utter chaos. However, God is not a God of confusion and chaos, but a God of order. Although things seem chaotic we must understand that God in His providence and power is allowing all things to work out according to His perfect...