Doctrine Matters Podcast

Doctrine Matters Podcast

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The Sovereignty of God
October 27, 2020

The Sovereignty of God should bring us all comfort. What does it mean? Join me in this episode of the podcast to look briefly at the Sovereignty of God.

The Spirituality of God
October 06, 2020

We continue the character or attributes of God this week as we look briefly at the Spirituality of God.

Who is God: Self Existence (Aseity)
September 29, 2020

Over the next several episodes we will look at who God is. We will look at the character of God. There are many Pastors teaching a man centered theology that is void of who God truly is. The goal is to briefly dive in to each attribute of God that is ...

How Far We’ve Fallen
September 16, 2020

Remember after 9/11/2001 when all of the Churches were filled for a few weeks? What happened? How far have we fallen, and why? What must we do? Listen to the latest episode as we remember 9/11 and look to the future.

Sex and the American Church
September 14, 2020

Many of us have heard about the Netflix documentary called, "Cuties." Many of us have seen the swift push to normalize pedophilia. We see sex everywhere we look.   How did we get here? Can the Church have some blame for this?

Until He Makes All Things New
September 10, 2020

Our world is in complete and utter chaos. Things are happening every single day, and they seem to be piling up one on top of the other. On this episode I talk about what we do as believers until Jesus Christ comes back and God makes all things new.

Rolling Back the Reformed Lingo
September 03, 2020

Can too much of a good thing actually be a bad thing? On this episode of the podcast I talk about the reality of talking too much about being reformed in our theology, or the Reformation, or the reformers.

Sovereign in the Chaos
September 02, 2020

There is so much chaos in our world today. Although it seems confusing, God is not the author of this confusion and He remains sovereign through it all.

The Reality of Public School and Home Schooling
August 25, 2020

Public School is part of the arm of the government. Many public schools are told what to teach. There are many questions to ponder. Are they trying to indoctrinate our kids? Are their faithful teachers? Should you home-school?

John MacArthur is Ready to Go to Jail
August 19, 2020

Dr Steven Lawson was with Dr. Macarthur several days ago. Yesterday he said at our conference “John is ready to go to jail”. The American church has difficult but amazing times ahead. I don’t think these officials know that of all the preachers they...