Doc and Jock Podcast

Doc and Jock Podcast

E225 | What I Wish I Had Known with Jason Fernandez (CF Seminar Saff)

October 13, 2017

On Episode 225 of the Doc and Jock Podcast we debut a new segment called What I Wish I Had Known (we are still working on the name). On this segment we sit down with some super high level long tenured coaches and get them to share 5 things they wish they had known when they started coaching.

On the very episode we are joined by veteran Doc and Jock guest Jason Fernandez. Jason is a member of the elite CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Staff, holds his CFL3 and has owned his own gym CrossFit Rife for 11 years. Basically the dude is a badass coach and has a lot of knowledge to share on this episode.

Learn More About Jason Fernandez Here:

(P.S. the concept for this segment was totally stolen from the Google Partners Podcast)