The DKSpeaks Internet Marketing and Blogging Podcast

The DKSpeaks Internet Marketing and Blogging Podcast

The Step-by-Step Process to Setup a List Building System for Your Blog

February 12, 2019

When should you start off with your list building?

And what goes into putting together a fool proof list building plan in place?

Now that we know how to create a lead magnet (we discussed this in the last post), let us look at the step-by-step process to start capturing email addresses on our blog.

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One proven fact is that email is by far the most effective medium to reach your fans today. In fact it is even more effective than social media.

But the biggest challenge is on how to build your list fast. I am sure you don’t want to take years to build a list of 1000 subscribers.

So in this post we will look at a few strategies on how to build a list fast and also how to get the most out of your list even if it is small.

Before we do that, let me re-iterate the principle that I follow. This is something I learnt from Andre Chaperon.

Your profitability doesn’t depend upon the size of the list. Instead it depends upon how engaged your list is.

So even if your list is small, you could very well be making a lot more money than people who have a huge list.

If you are thinking as to why we are talking about list building even before we have put out our first piece of content, then you might want to write this on a piece of paper and paste it somewhere that you can always see it – “The Money is in the List”.

That’s right. If you are ever going to make decent income; income that can substitute your 9-5 job, then it is going to be from your list.

It is personal experience that is speaking here. I will keep that rambling and the story for some time later. But at this point, keep in mind that your list is the most important thing for you.

So, if your list is going to be the most important thing for you, then shouldn’t that be the first thing you should think about?


Let us assume you have installed your blog and you post your first article. You then share it on social media sites and a few visitors come over to your site. Imagine if you don’t have a lead magnet on your blog.

What happens then?

Those visitors will read your article and then leave. Isn’t that a loss, even if it was just one visitor?

You lost a prospective subscriber.

It is hence that I suggest that you put together your lead magnet or, optin bribe as we call it, the first.

On that note let us get straight into the strategies.

Step-by-Step Process to Setup a List Building System

This is a simple 6 step process and is the pre-requisite to start capturing email addresses

First things first. There are 3 important things that you need to keep in mind even before we start.

Make the process Simple – Everybody is short of time today and we do not want to put in too much of efforts to achieve something. Its the same with signing up to a newsletter as well.