The DKSpeaks Internet Marketing and Blogging Podcast

The DKSpeaks Internet Marketing and Blogging Podcast

The DKSpeaks Podcast is Back – What to Expect?

December 31, 2018

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“I am Back!”T-850 (Terminator – Rise of the Machines)

Remember that famous dialogue from “Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines”?

It’s that one dialogue that has become synonymous with Arnold Schwarzenegger, now. In fact nobody does it better than he does. And when he says it, you can see the joy and conviction in that statement.

It is clear that he means business and no nonsense business. And that he is back to beat the heck out of all his enemies.

I am no Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I do not have any enemies that I want to beat the “heck out of”.

But, I mean business and no-nonsense business. So “I am Back“.

Buy Why a Comeback, You Ask?

If you have been a regular reader of my blog here, then you would have realized the reduced frequency of posts on the blog for almost the last complete year.

And when I am talking about readership, it is important that I also mention the fact that I lost quite a lot of readers in the past year or, so just because of the irregular publishing pattern.

Sad, Isn’t it?

My podcast had also gone into hibernation since almost the last year and a half. And that too was a deliberate decision albeit at the wrong time.

Just when the listens had gone up, I withdrew and today I find that the listens are almost negligible.

But why did I do all this?

You know, one of the best things about internet marketing is that when you strike gold, you just go on and things fall into place one after the other. But at the same time, if you fail then there is a high possibility that things take a downward spiral, unless you know how to control it.

While the fear of such failures can deter you from trying new things, the experience and the learnings that you get from such failures are immense and can help you for your future.

There were quite a few experiments that I tried in the last 18 months or, so which included launching a new course, attempting selling on Amazon, book writing, public speaking etc.

Some of these were utter failures like trying to sell on Amazon, some were partial success like the product launch and some others were a success like public speaking.

There are yet others that are work-in-progress like my book writing venture.

Failure or, success, there was something that I learnt from each of the experiments. And since these weren’t small experiments, these learnings will play a considerable part in my future endeavor.

Remember the tagline that Pat Flynn used on his blog,

I am Your Crash Test Dummy. Let’s See What Works!Pat Flynn

Every experiment in Internet Marketing is a “Crash Test”. And if somebody hasn’t done it already, then you need to do it on your own.

What I learnt from my experiments are pure gold that I will retain for my future experiments. And I am sure it will make me a better marketer.

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