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June 03, 2023

Prisons in divorce recovery?  Is there such a thing?  Hell Yes!!  I discuss my top 3 divorce recovery prisons and how to either avoid them or actually get out of them.    While it is totally normal to be in them, you need to limit your time there.  Topics

How is divorce recovery like Noah’s Ark? || Divorce Devil Podcast #128 || David
May 26, 2023

Here we are with another show with Rachel gone. She is taking that FMLA too seriously. Just kidding, she is having a family wedding this weekend. We definitely miss her. I was cruising through Facebook last week and landed on a post titled Everythin

How do you accept your past and embrace your future in divorce recovery? || Divorce Recovery Podcast #127 || David and Rachel
May 19, 2023

Accepting your past and embracing your future - we found that is is harder than we thought. There are so many facets with both of those entities when you break them down. When you're going through a crazy time, how can you even focus on your future

What are some of David’s favorite Divorce Recovery Connectors? What the hell is a connector? || Divorce Recovery Podcast #126 || David
May 12, 2023

Well, it was bound to happen - not during COVID, a ski accident or vacations. I finally had to do a solo show. Rachel is busy with graduation and wedding stuff and we wish her the best. But the show must go on. LOL. So, here goes. I decided to disc

What is the role of hate in divorce and how to be ok? || Divorce Devil Podcast #125 || David and Rachel
May 06, 2023

This episode kinda floats all over the place. Starting with the concept of hate and ending with being ok and moving on from divorce. We tried to stay on topic, but as usual, RACHEL deviates from the prime directive and takes off. LOL. But seriously

What is the fine art and so interesting about turning hurt into happiness in any stage of your divorce? || Divorce Devil Podcast #124 || David and Rachel
April 28, 2023

Happiness - we think it is one of the most important goals in the divorce process. No matter if you are in the pre, during, or post-divorce, you need some type of happiness in order to survive. A sort of lifes fertilizer. Topics of:My new stripper nam

How can a big event like a divorce help you separate things that matter versus things that don’t mean a hill of beans? || David and Rachel || Divorce Divorce Devil Podcast #123
April 23, 2023

After quickly recovering from a potentially devastating event last Sunday and realizing how blessed and lucky I am, I thought of the things that Ive worried and stressed about before, during and after my divorce - some of which I should have worried abo

Divorce Trash - what is it and can some of it be recycled? || Divorce Devil Podcast #122 || David and Rachel
April 15, 2023

Wow! Starting off with the wrong episode number, the high jinks continue from there. With a rough outline, we were able to complete the task of relating divorce and trash in a single show. Discussions of:Oscar the Grouch is divorcedA construction roll-

Since we are so close to Easter, what is our personal take on the relationship between divorce recovery and religion? Divorce Devil Podcast #121
April 07, 2023

Divorce and religion, where do they intersect and where do they not? Rachel and I try our best to discuss the two subjects together and separately. Topics of:Church is a communityHoliday churchgoersSometimes money talks in churchThe infamous annulment

Embracing the fear of the unknown during either the pre, during and/or post-phases of divorce. Divorce Devil Podcast #120
March 31, 2023

This episode might sound a little like we are giving a play-by-play on what to do to start your divorce. We are here to let you know that it is not. It is more of our personal playbooks of what we did to start and continue our respective divorces. It i