DivorceBuddy Kids First Podcast

DivorceBuddy Kids First Podcast

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KF004 | Kristine Clay on Relational Neuroscience Based Co-Parenting
November 15, 2015

Episode Overview Co-parenting coach Kristine Clay shares how divorce relationship dynamics impact the neuroscience or hard wiring in our children’s brains. Further, she points out how parents can integrate concepts of integrative parenting to improve t...

KF003 | Co-Parenting with Compassion Featuring Author & Co-Parenting Coach, Karen Bonnell
October 04, 2015

Episode Overview We all know that divorce is hard on everyone involved, especially the children. Invariably, it was conflict that led to the breakdown of the marriage. And during the divorce, conflict often increases,

KF001 | Mediation for Blended Families | Jennifer Segura & Amanda Singer
October 03, 2015

Episode Overview In today’s episode, we have a conversation with Jennifer Segura & Amanda Singer of the San Diego Family Mediation Center, who share insights on mediation and putting kids first, particularly in blended family situations.

KF002 | Compassionate Conflict Intervention | Mark Baer Esq
September 03, 2015

Episode Overview In this podcast, we speak to one of the best family law mediators in the country, Mark Baer, Esq. Mark shares his insights on what is wrong with family court, but most importantly, how, with compassion & empathy,