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Paying College Tuition for Children after Divorce
November 22, 2015

Your child: A source of pride and joy, life and love and, yes, quite a few additional expenses. Multiply all of the above when you bring more of them into the world — and you start to look like one very proud, very happy,

What’s Different about Divorce after 50?
October 06, 2015

I’ve talked before about grey divorce and how divorce after 50 could affect retirement, but there’s more to the complexity of divorcing later in life than just retirement. In today’s episode of the Divorce Insider Podcast,

3 Most Common Questions about Divorce and Retirement
July 01, 2015

This episode of the Divorce Insider Podcast is all about divorce and retirement. Don’t let the stress of your divorce hinder you from thinking about your tomorrows. We cover a few practical tips for asking the important questions,