Dissed By A Rose

Dissed By A Rose

Latest Episodes

S2 Episode One – #KeepTheFaith
August 08, 2016

A new season but an old face. We discuss the new Bachelorettes and whats ahead for Richie.

S1 Episode Four – Double Episode
October 21, 2015

We cover 4 episodes this week and say goodbye to 4 fellas as we get 2 episodes closer to seeing 1 man standing.

S1 Episode Three – Yo, Kanye Kayne!
October 06, 2015

3 Bachelors leave the house this week, Kayne shows us he can rhyme and Sasha draws a 4.

S1 Episode Two – Welcome, Lads
September 30, 2015

A new series of the Bachelorette means 14 new guys to meet. We pick our faves and look ahead to the series.

S1 Episode One – Goodbye Sam, Hello Sam?
September 22, 2015

We discuss our favourite Bachelorettes in the house, recap the finale and say goodbye to Mr. Wood.