Disorderly Blondes Autism PODCAST

Disorderly Blondes Autism PODCAST

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S4 E40 Julie Hornok: The Autism Mom's Super Friend
January 27, 2021

Julie Hornok wears many capes: she is an autism mom, author, speaker, advocate, cheerleader, and the strongest ally any mom of a newly diagnosed special needs child could ever ask for. She used her superpowers to mightily pen United in autism, Finding Str

S4 E39 Dr. Berger: Treating the Whole ASD Child Utilizing Biomedical Intervention and Cannabis
January 03, 2021

Board Certified Pediatrician Dr. Berger treats autism, ADD, ADHD, and immune disregulation disorders at his Tampa, Florida based Wholistic Pediatrics and Family Care. Learn how he approaches each patient's plan of holistic primary care from the insid

S3 E38 Return of the Papis
November 27, 2020

They're baaaaack! The Disorderly autism dads commiserate over their most trying case of 2020 (the crummy, complicated Covid-19), while clutching cups of coquito.  Catch their colorful commentary concerning their boys' conditions, the courts, cam

S3 E37 Seizures, Sadness, and Silver Linings
November 01, 2020

The blondes discuss how they are able to place a (Spanish) accent on "lo positivo" in light of the fact that #2020problems, on top of #autismproblems feel SUPER heavy. Listen as they sip and share their thoughts on some tough autism parenting to

S3 E36 Love Serving Autism
September 28, 2020

The Disorderly Blondes bring order to center court (and tone down their normal "racket") to interview founder of adaptive tennis program Lisa Pugliese-LaCroix. There is no match for the "A" game her program, Love Serving Autism, brings

S3 E35 Scriptless with Sangria
August 30, 2020

We, autism moms, are completely punch drunk over school stresses, seizures, shade, scrubbing, sanitizing, sports bras, and seltzer. Cheers to all the special needs parents who have the stomach for education on Covid. For those who do not, we have a drink

S3 E34 Autism Mom and Author Laurie Hellmann
August 01, 2020

Join a blonde threesome as we interview autism mom, author, and fellow podcaster Laurie Hellmann. She just launched her first book: Welcome to My Life, A Personal Parenting Journey Through Autism. Laurie’s memoir is a raw, real, heart-wrenching glimpse in

S3 E33 Autism, Covid, and More: Esto No Pasaba en Cuba
July 12, 2020

Join the South Florida blondes for another unscripted, uproariously funny update to which only super autism moms (and masochists) can relate. Quarantine life may have cramped special needs schooling, birthdays, graduations, and vacays, but certainly not t

Disorderly Blondes Autism Podcast Trailer 2020
May 31, 2020

South Florida moms, Kristi and Brenda, candidly discuss MOTHERHOOD & AUTISM while balancing heels and cocktails on this podcast. Never a dull moment. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/disorderlyblondes/messageSupport this podcast: https://anc

S3 E 32 Mourning Alejandro: The Impact of Filicide on the Autism Community
May 29, 2020

It seems inconceivable to shed any light on the murder of Alejandro Ripley. His is an extreme case, a victim of the unimaginable. This episode is for our Autism Spectrum Disorder community and anyone who wants to learn more about the possible "WHYS" and t