Disorderly Blondes Autism PODCAST

Disorderly Blondes Autism PODCAST

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S4 E50 The Papis: Unmasked, Uncensored, and Unhinged
March 01, 2022

The Papis are baaaaaaack and hosting our 50th episode! For the 3rd year in a row the disorderly autism dads

S4 E49 Blonde Moments: Behind the Scenes of the Most Disorderly Autism Mom Podcast
November 22, 2021

Join the hosts of the Disorderly Blondes as they dish on some of the memorable blonde moments of their SUPER popular autism parent podcast. They laugh; they cry (from laughing). Brenda & Kristi toast their favorite guests of the past four seasons and

S4 E48 ABA Piano Therapy Unplugged
October 29, 2021

Piano lessons as autism therapy is sheet music to Board Certified Behavior Analyst Mary-Debra Pawloski’s ears. Her techniques strike a chord in her students as a symphony of results play up positive behaviors. B sharp and tune in as Miss Mary explains the

S4 E47 Autism Speaks, Spells, and Solves All The Math
September 26, 2021

Professional listeners they are not, but listen in as autism moms Brenda and Kristi presume they are competent to dish on their sons’ latest adventures. Whether it’s graduating, partying, modeling, sporting, or equation solving, the blondes know who is do

S4 E46 Thomas A. McKean: A Fantastic Advocate for Autistics
August 18, 2021

Autism advocate and comic lover Thomas A. McKean does not consider autism a superpower. Still, armed with his brilliant, open mind he pens a voice of reason amongst a universe of controversy. Thomas is “puzzled” by the epic autism battles other “advocates

S4 E45 Jill Escher of the National Council on Severe Autism
July 26, 2021

Jill Escher is the president of the National Council on Severe Autism and has prepared a strong message for the world: every autism parent is in a state of panic, and the “unaffected,” should be too. Yes, could this mean you. “Severe” or “not-so-pretty” a

S4 E44 Underestimated, An Autism Miracle with Ride or Die Dad J.B. Handley
June 19, 2021

Autism dad, author, and activist J.B. Handley gets RAW as he raps with us about his new book Underestimated, An Autism Miracle. His lyrical journey into unlocking his non-speaker son Jamie’s voice using Spelling to Communicate (S2C) has we homies channeli

S4 E43 The Truth is Out There: Aliens, Abductions, & Other April Autism Mom Adventures
May 22, 2021

Fresh off an out-of-this-world vacay that had our heads in the clouds, we South Florida autism moms live to tell the tale of two close encounters that had us running for the (Texas) hillside. Unfortunately, rejected by the Mothership, it's back to ou

S4 E42 Live Autism Podcast with the Disorderly Blondes and Friends
April 01, 2021

Yes, you read right! The blondes hosted a live podcast and invited some of their parent listeners to experience the recording process and try to get a word in! Challenging!Tune in to catch up with the blondes' latest escapades, and their guest "

S4 E41 Real Housewives of ASD Update
March 01, 2021

The South Florida Blondes will never admit 2021 means 2020 "won," for they closed the deal on autism guardianship and "seized" the day with CBD treatments. Two fab magazine features have them hoping '21 may just bring back the fun