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Discover the Story

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Episode 133: Ken Farmer: A Cowboy's Perspective on Writing
March 19, 2022

Join Andrea and Loree for a riveting chat with author and actor, Ken Farmer.

Episode 132: A Chat with Author Lisa Buffaloe
March 05, 2022

Despite Internet issues, Andrea and Loree keep the conversation going with their guest Lisa Buffaloe. She is a Christian and an author of books that heal hurting hearts, both fiction and nonfiction. C

Episode 131: A Light thru the Darkness of Mental Health with author William Buchheit
February 26, 2022

Does the de institutionalizing of mental health care patients in the 1970s and '80s need to be reexamined to accommodate those people in need of long term care? Andrea & Loree discuss this and more w

Episode 130: Back to Basics with Author Cindy Sproles
February 19, 2022

Join Andrea and Loree, along with their guest Cindy Sproles, for a lively discussion on today's culture and the changing face of publishing.

Episode 129: Brokenness, Suffering, and...Enough! with Author Diana Mood
February 12, 2022

Join Andrea & Loree as they chat with award-winning author Diana Mood. Find out how Diana's book, Enough! came into being.

Episode 128: Marsha Hubler: From studying the craft of writing to the best-sellers list
February 07, 2022

Join Andrea and Loree as they talk with author Marsha Hubler about her successful publishing career.

Episode 127: Jack Watts: Exposing truth through fiction
January 29, 2022

Join Andrea & Loree as they host author Jack Watts! Jack has completed all but his dissertation for a Ph.D. from Emory University. He has worked for nearly three decades in marketing, exclusively serv

Episode 126: Pamela Meyers: The writing life after retirement
January 22, 2022

Some authors have been writing and publishing for years. Others' careers don't begin until later in life. Pamela S Meyers is one of these such authors. She didn't begin book writing until after she re

Episode 125: Elk Lake Publishing Inc. with Editor in Chief Deb Haggerty
January 15, 2022

Join Andrea and Loree as they learn the nuts and bolts of publishing with Elk Lake Publishing Inc. The editor-in-chief, Deb Haggerty is their guest. According to Deb, there are 6 steps to publishing.

Episode 124: The Unstoppable Ms. Catherine Lanigan
December 23, 2021

Join Andrea and Loree as they discover the story behind Catherine Lanigan's wild success as an internationally best-selling author. Catherine Lanigan is the author of over 40 published titles in bot