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Disc Read Error

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Two Squirrels Watch: It’s the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown
March 27, 2016

Hey everyone its Jerry here.  Hope you are having a great day that can be capped off with another wonderful episode brought to you by ...

DRE: Two Squirrels Watch Star Wars Episode IV
March 06, 2016

Hello everyone!!!  It's your old pal Jerry here finally undertaking the biggest most epic saga that was ever put to film reel or digital hard ...

DRE: Transformers Five Faces of Darkness Part 2
February 29, 2016

Good day to you all!!  Thanks for joining us on another episode of those spectacular Transformers.  Today we will be dissecting part 2 and finishing ...

DRE: Transformers Five Faces of Darkness Part 1
February 23, 2016

Hello everyone!!  Welcome to the start of the final season of American Transformers and the start of some of the wackiest storytelling in cartoon history. ...

Two Squirrels Watch: Be My Valentine Charlie Brown
February 15, 2016

Hey everyone its your old pal Jerry.  We're back with a new show dealing with the range of emotions that are associated with this weird ...

DRE: Transformers the Movie
February 14, 2016

Ok everyone hello and welcome back to the internet's only episode by episode commentary of Transformers anywhere...the Disc Read Error Podcast!!!  Today we will be ...

DRE: Transformers Scramble City
February 07, 2016

What is going on my friends?  Welcome to the future.  Actually if you listened to the PSA last episode you will know why we are ...

DRE: Show Update PSA
February 03, 2016

Hello folks...just listen to the PSA...its self explanatory...thank you and see you next episode!!!

DRE:Transformers Dinobot Island
February 02, 2016

Hello everyone,Welcome to the newest episode of the greatest Transformers commentary show of all time...the Disc Read Error Podcast.  I do apologize for the technical ...

DRE: Transformers The Immobilizer
January 25, 2016

Hello folks!!  I"ll keep things short and sweet.  We have a busy week here at the office of the Disc Read Error Podcast so we ...