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Disaster Tough Podcast

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#92 Hospitals and EM - Interview with NYU Emergency Manager, Kelly McKinney
January 18, 2022

Disaster Tough continues its strong start to Season 3 with Emergency Manager and Author, Kelly McKinney. Kelly is a longtime Emergency Manager and professional engineer who currently serves as the

#91 Leadership in Emergency Management Now and in the Future – Interview with Eric McNulty
January 11, 2022

Disaster Tough kicks off Season 3 with an entertaining interview featuring author, speaker, and educator, Eric McNulty. Eric is a Harvard professor who has been the Associate Director of the Nati

#90 Closing Out 2021 - After Action Style: Interview with Todd DeVoe
December 31, 2021

Once again Todd DeVoe from EM Weekly and I sat down at the end of the year to have an informal conversation about 2021. We highlight some major events, but did not cover all (for example the Surfside

#89 Football & Christmas! Interview with Matt Hernandez
December 24, 2021

Matt is no stranger to emergency and disaster services. Throughout his career in Military Service, working in hospitals, or now with technologies that improve social services - Matt is an excellent ex

#88 Interview with Dan Scott, Host of the EM Student Podcast
December 17, 2021

The EM Student podcast brings interviews of academic and industry leaders to students who are new to the emergency management field, as well as emergency managers with an always-learning mentality by

#87 NATO VS US: An International Perspective on Emergency Management with Kyle King
December 10, 2021

Kyle King is an expert at, “building more resilient communities and human capital at the intersection of crisis, conflict, and emergency management.” He has decades of experience with military and pol

#86 USAR Recap: Chief Walt Lewis of Orlando Fire
December 07, 2021

Previous episode with great content! Chief Walt Lewis serves on the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Florida Task Force 4 team and operates as a District Chief for Orlando Fire. Chief Lewis has been abl

#85 Mumbai Terrorist Attacks - Interview with the West Point Chair of Urban Warfare Studies, John Spencer
November 26, 2021

John Spencer is the Chair of Urban Warfare Studies for the Modern War Institute at West Point. John is a researcher and subject matter expert for the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks. He is also the host of t

#84 Happy Thanksgiving! FEMA Administrator Brock Long Episode
November 22, 2021

On our typical day of recording, we spent our time in New York City, supporting another webinar on The Readiness Lab- EM Speaks. They interviewed Pete Gaynor and Craig Fugate. We’re adding Brock Long

November 12, 2021

Want us to review a specific movie or scene? Comment below! Movie: Twister Scene: Driving through tornadoes (water spouts and cows) This is our first episode of "MOVIE AAR" a show detected to the revi