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Social Marketing with Sassy Suite

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7. Lifestyle Content and the 3Ps of Social Media
October 14, 2019

After you join a direct sales company, the next decision you need to make is how you want to put together your marketing strategy (and what type of content you should post that will help drive you to your goals). The answer? Lifestyle content.

6. Social Warm up in Direct Sales
October 07, 2019

Just what is social warm up in direct sales? Let’s face it — direct sales has a bit of a reputation. And it’s not entirely un-earned. By practicing social warm up in your direct sales business, you can avoid being lumped in with all the direct sellers ...

5. Outcome-Based Goals
September 30, 2019

What are outcome-based goals? Outcome-based goals are manageable goals that focus on the immediate numbers we’re after. They help us keep track of where we are on the roadmap to our ultimate goals. If you’re having trouble settings outcome-based goals,...

4. Understanding the Social Marketing Funnel
September 23, 2019

We talk about funnels all the time, but do you know what a social marketing funnel is or how to leverage it for your direct sales business? Listen to this episode to learn the about the foundation of a social marketing funnel and how it can help expand...

3. Branding in Imagery
September 16, 2019

Why is branding in imagery so important? If your company or your upline is giving you graphics to use in your marketing, why go through all the trouble of creating new graphics and visual components? Is it really important to reinvent the wheel?

2. Branding Consistency in Direct Sales and Social Media
September 09, 2019

So, you’ve joined your direct sales company, and you’re excited and ready to get started. Your first step? Branding. And, more importantly, branding consistency. In this episode, Brenda talks about the importance of branding consistency in direct sales...

10 Ways to Use a Character Avatar in your Social Marketing
May 14, 2018

You’ve seen them around social media: the cute little cartoon character avatar that look like the person doing funny or social things. Whether it was a custom character avatar created by a graphic designer, a free bitmoji found online,

1. 8 Tips for Getting Outside Your Warm Market
September 11, 2017

Sassy Suite – Deep Thoughts with Brenda Ster.  If you’re in direct sales or network marketing, your friends and family will only take you so far into your business, before you hit the wall of people to talk to.