Goddess #beingAfricaAllah Vol14_03

January 08, 2020

The Carnival season is here!

Carnival dates are as follows:

Trinidad Feb 24-25, Jamaica April 16-20 and Bahamas May 1-3. Always plan to get in a few days earlier than advertised to experience the parties, entertainment and culture.

This year Bahamas Carnival brings you an entire week of activities Starting from Friday, April 24 with Survival Weekend by King Alpha Sound.

Monday, April 27 Lime with your friends at “DI Social”. Tuesday, April 28 part different in “Wassi’s World” with Giselle the Wassi One and Team Soca. Wednesday, April 29 Bahamas’ biggest foam event comes to Carnival weekend “Foam Madness” by Big Boy Production. Thursday, April 30 Night it’s J’ouvert night in the City with two big J’ouverts happening on both ends of the island. Friday, May 1 Carnival weekend kicks off with a plethora of events and activities, however; the Jumpoff starts at “Trap in Paradise” Day Pool Party by Goddess Gang, Black Carpet Ent, Starchasers & SocaPopUp.Party. Later that evening pop out to the official Mas in Paradise weekend of concerts and Caribbean Entertainment. May 2 we are on the road for Bahamas Carnival Road March.

This episode features our Demo Boxx talk segment with special guest host A Dope Goddess of Goddess Gang Global out of New York City.

This episode we review the Dec. 27 release of “Jackboys” by Travis Scott and Cactus Jack Records Labelmates. The album features contributions from La Flame and members of Cactus Jack Records—Sheck Wes, DJ Chase B, and Don Toliver—among others.


She got that Junkanoo Instrumental 00:12:05
Podcast Disclaimer 00:00:04
She got that Junkanoo 00:01:44
Smooth - Is That Yuh Like 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:02:42
Fay-Ann Lyons & BadJohn Republic - Do it Over 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:02:34
Skinny Fabulous - Soca Trend (Craziness) (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:02:37
Machel Montano - Everytime (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:49
Bunji Garlin - Block Away (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:03:38
Skinny Fabulous - Soca Trend (Craziness) (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:45
Motto x Bunji Garlin - Break A Branch (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:02:59
Dis Is Mas (Soca 2019) 00:03:23
Lyrikal - Rukshun (Darkseid Riddim) 2019 Soca 00:01:28
Lavaman - Throw It Out (Darkseid Riddim) 2019 Soca (Grenada) 00:02:10
Problem child - Nasty up 00:01:54
Nadia Batson - Swing 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:02:09
Blackie - Horning Warning 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:55
Frissy - Pon It (Elevator Riddim) 2020 Soca Dennery Segment 00:01:27
Edwin - Elevator (Elevator Riddim) 2020 Soca Dennery Segment 00:01:25
Jaiga & Boyzie - Iz We (The Fete Project) 2020 Soca 00:01:44
King James x Intl Stephen - My team Lit (The Fete Project) 2020 Soca 00:01:57
Prado - Sid dong and Clap (Elevator Riddim) 2020 Soca Dennery Segment 00:01:29
Sekon Sta x Skorch Bun It - To The Max 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:35
Super Blue - Strange Things 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:13
Olatunji x Preedy - Shell It Down 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:11
Patrice Roberts - Is We (One Bad Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:11
Shal Marshall - Bun Up (One Bad Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:34
Ford Man - Fren Dem 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:40
Mr Killa - Screw Driver 2020 Soca (Official Audio) 00:01:47
Bunji Garlin - Directive (Professionalz Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:43
Tallpree - Insanity (Professionalz Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:40
Fay-Ann Lyons - Shut It Down Bennajab Riddim 2020 Soca 00:01:54
Ricardo Drue x LiL Natty & Thunda - The Teacher (BennaJab Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:52
Show-Time - Stink & Dutty 2020 Soca 00:02:18