Digital Marketing from the Trenches : Live at the Hive

Digital Marketing from the Trenches : Live at the Hive

How to Repurpose Long Form Video for Social Media

August 30, 2021

Creating social media content can be an overwhelming and time-consuming job. A ton of resources go into prep, production, post-production, and distribution.

Then, once you put it all out there, it either takes or doesn't take, and all of your efforts have resulted in a short-lived outcome.

It can be a frustrating and soul-sucking experience.

There is a way around that frustration. And it's something we've been doing here at Honeypot for years, repurposing your content via "Content Machines"!

What's New?
What's new in marketing?

Google Updates its 'How Search Works' Website – This week, the search giant has published an updated version of its 'How Search Works' website, which includes a range of insights and links to provide more information about its ever-evolving ranking algorithms, which could help you better understand what you should be doing to match-up with its systems.

TIKTOK PARTNERS WITH SHOPIFY FOR IN-APP SHOPPING – TikTok is leveraging its power in product discovery, partnering with Shopify to allow users to buy products straight from the app.

Could Facebook's Horizon Workrooms Make It Zoom's Biggest Competitor? –Facebook recently introduced Horizon Workrooms, a new virtual reality (VR) platform that enables up to 16 people to participate in meetings as their digital avatars. It also supports up to 50 people per room if they join via their webcams instead of digital avatars.

Instagram expands Shop Tab Ads Globally – Instagram began testing ads in its Shop tab on Aug. 9 from a select number of U.S. brands, per details emailed to Marketing Dive.

LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on Using Organic and Paid Strategies to Maximize Branding Impact – LinkedIn has published a helpful new guide that looks at the branding benefits of using paid and organic outreach in combination and how you can get the best pair these elements for different purposes using LinkedIn's tools.
What's Working?
You created some amazing content!

So, now what? You repurpose it, but some thought goes into it to ensure you're putting out quality content.

Let's go over what that looks like.
How to Repurpose Long Form Video for Social Media
Creating Content "Machines"
The most significant success factor in content marketing is the quality of your content machine.

The strategy, processes, and systems you use to give every content piece you produce the maximum reach and leverage enable you to create a wealth of content in the least amount of time.