Digital Download with Paul Sutton

Digital Download with Paul Sutton

The Most Popular Metrics in PR in 2021

October 20, 2021

Measurement has been a monkey on the public relations industry's back for as long as anyone can remember. But sometimes it helps to look at where the industry is now compared to where it was a few years ago and to determine whether progress is being made.
In this episode of the Digital Download podcast, that's precisely what we're doing. Richard Benson is co-founder of Nectarine, an evaluation platform that was devised to reflect core KPIs and measure cross-media activities and activations to determine business impact. Over the last six years, many thousands of reports have been put together using the tool, enabling Nectarine to produce a report on what PR professionals were measuring then, what they are measuring now, what progress has been made, and what best practice now looks like.
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