Latest Episodes

Episode 34: Flee From Furtick
August 16, 2021

Steven Furtick's theology has increasingly become Word-Faith because he is endorsing and endorsed by some of the most notorious Word-Faith false teachers. This video is a personal plea for those who m

Episode 33: Inigo Montoya Series: Colossians 1:15 – Was Jesus a Created Being?
August 14, 2021

Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Word-Faith all use Colossians 1:15 which states that Jesus was the "firstborn of all creation" to assert that either Jesus was created or that we, as Christians, are

Episode 32: My Visit to Charis Bible College
July 23, 2021

Two years ago I made paid a visit to Charis Bible College lead by Andrew Womack, a prominent Word-Faith preacher. It was quite an interesting and revealing visit. In this program I will tell you abou

Episode 31: Interview With Arrested Canadian Pastor, Tim Stephens
July 15, 2021

Tim Stephens, pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary Alberta, Canada was arrested twice simply for gathering with his flock to worship Christ against the Canadian restrictions related to COVID.

Episode 30: Salvation, Healing, Miracles, and the Sovereignty of God: An Interview with Pastor John Samson
July 08, 2021

Former Word-Faith preacher and TBN host, John Samson, joins me for a second interview. God delivered John out of the Word-Faith deception and he nows pastors a doctrinally sound church. In this interv

Episode 29: Plagiarism, Homosexuality, Pastoral Integrity and the State of the SBC: An Interview With Jim Osman
July 04, 2021

**I made a mistake in this video. I said North Point Church, pastored by Andy Stanley, is an SBC church. It was just pointed out to me that it is nondenominational. I thought that it was SBC because A

Episode 28: Greear and Litton: Plagiarism and Sin in the SBC
June 28, 2021

Ed Litton, newly elected president of the SBC has been caught in a plagiarism scandal. The plagiarism, shockingly, continued even after it was discovered. I will not only discuss the (ongoing) plagiar

Episode 27: An Interview with Astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle
June 02, 2021

Is the earth really flat as a growing number of people assert? What's going on with all the recent news about UFOs? Christian astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle sheds some light. Biblical Science Institute: https://biblicalscienceinstitute.com

Episode 26: An Interview with John Samson
May 31, 2021

John Samson used to be a word-Faith preacher and even hosted some programs on TBN. God graciously delivered him out of that deception. Hear his testimony of deliverance and what he now thinks of the prosperity gospel.

Episode 25: John MacArthur’s Nice Watch: Here’s the Truth
May 26, 2021

Do you have questions about John MacArthur's nice watch? Phil Johnson sets the record straight. Jeff Williams' beautiful presentation entitled "The Word of His Hands" – https://youtu.be/O8Z2jia_nJI Phil Johnson's presentation on Charles Spur...