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Episode 51: Why I’m No Longer a Fan of the Babylon Bee
January 08, 2022

The guys at Babylon Bee recently had a nearly two-hour in-person interview with Elon Musk. Toward the end, they brought up Jesus with him and failed miserably. Elon was asking questions about Jesus, questions which they never answered. Elon clearly is not

Episode 50: Interview with Dr. Josh Buice on Leaving the SBC
January 06, 2022

A few days ago Dr. Josh Buice made big news when he announced that he and his fellow elders made the decision to lead their church, Prays Mill Baptist, out of the SBC. They cited the liberal drift in the convention as their primary reason. In today’s podc

Episode 49: Inigo Montoya Series: 1 Timothy 4:12 – Let No One Look Down on Your Youthfulness
December 18, 2021

Paul told Timothy to not let anyone look down on his youthfulness. When we hear this, we often picture Timothy as a really young man, maybe even a teenager. But was he? We’ll take a look at this often misinterpreted scripture. ==> Subscribe to the Just

Episode 48: Answering Catholic Objections with Mike Gendron
December 16, 2021

This is a follow-up to the first interview I did with former Roman Catholic, Mike Gendron. In this program, we answer some of the objections raised by Roman Catholics to our first discussion. Here we will talk about why there are so many Protestant denomi

Episode 47: Help for the Valoiz Family
December 14, 2021

Tony Valoiz was a friend of mine. He was a good brother in Christ. Below is the Go Fund Me for Jeanette and the kids: https://gofund.me/515550d4 ==> Subscribe to the Justin Peters Ministries Odyseee Channel: https://odysee.com/@JustinPetersMinis

Episode 46: Homosexuality, Universalism, The Gospel, and the SBC
November 28, 2021

James Merritt, the current pastor of an SBC church and former president of the SBC, recently commended a sermon preached by his son, Jonathan Merritt. The problem is that Jonathan is an open homosexual and attends a church that is universalistic. I will p

Episode 45: Jesse Duplantis Says He Went To Heaven. He Didn’t (And Here’s Proof)
November 22, 2021

Jesse Duplantis put himself on the map with a sermon he preached back in the late 1990s entitled Close Encounters of the God Kind. In this story, he claims he went to Heaven on a cable car. In this podcast, I will play just a few clips that definitively p

Episode 44: New Resource Announcement: Santa Pause
November 17, 2021

This is just a short podcast to let you know about a new resource available on my website. It is a booklet entitled “Santa Pause: A Biblical Examination of Santa Claus” Link to purchase Santa Pause: https://justinpeters.org/shop/ Link to the video of "S

Episode 43: Defending Todd White is Defending the Indefensible
November 14, 2021

A few weeks ago I did a podcast on Todd White and his shocking use of 2 Corinthians 5:21. There was a surprising number of people who tried to defend him against his blasphemy. Here is another clip of Todd White that is utterly indefensible. This one is

Episode 42: Interview with Former Roman Catholic Mike Gendron
November 05, 2021

In this video/podcast, I had the privilege of interviewing Mike Gendron whom God saved out of Roman Catholicism. Mike discusses the importance of the Protestant Reformation and what it accomplished. H