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Episode 72: Sid Roth: My Guests Have Been To Heaven – Why Haven’t I?!?
May 26, 2022

Sid Roth has had dozens upon dozens of guests on his program who claim that they regularly go to Heaven, but he laments the fact that he has not and does not understand why he has not been granted this privilege. I have an answer for Sid. ==> Subscribe

Episode 71: Two People Responded To My Prophetic Challenge!
May 24, 2022

Last month I issued a challenge to any charismatic prophet: Ask God to tell you when and how the war in Ukraine will end. I said this would be their opportunity to prove me wrong. Two of them actually did respond to my challenge. Here is what they said.

Episode 70: Kicked Out Of Charis
May 07, 2022

Charis Bible College is led by Word-Faith preacher Andrew Wommack. Last week I was preaching at a nearby church and, while there, the pastor and a few other church members and I dropped by Charis to visit. We were invited in and we sat in on a class. I wa

Episode 69: Conrad Mbewe: A Worthy Ministry To Support
April 27, 2022

Would you like to help champion sound doctrine and further the Gospel in Africa without having to go to Africa? In this podcast, I interview Arizona pastor Greg Thornberg who is helping the Spurgeon of Africa, Conrad Mbewe, in his publishing efforts. Con

Episode 68: My Open Challenge To the Charismatic Prophets: Here’s Your Big Chance To Prove Me Wrong!
April 20, 2022

I and many others have been giving the charismatic prophets a really hard time regarding their repeated prophetic face-plants over the last two years. But, I am going to give them a chance to redeem themselves and to prove me and all of my fellow critics

Episode 67: Dying of Cancer: Reflections From Pastor Bruce Morock
April 07, 2022

All of us will one day die. But only a few of us have a good idea of when that time will come. Bruce Morock is one of those few. Bruce is a pastor and is dying of cancer. In today’s video, Jim Osman interviews Bruce and asks him about his testimony and ho

Episode 66: My Interview with Nic from Ukraine
April 06, 2022

Few of us have ever had to endure a war, My guest on today’s program is enduring it right now. Nickolai Leviovsky, Nic for short, was one of my translators when I preached in Ukraine a few years ago. Nic lives in Kyiv and I wanted to interview him to see

Episode 65: My Interview with John MacArthur
April 01, 2022

Millions have been impacted by the 53+ year faithful ministry of John MacArthur. A few weeks ago I had the special privilege of interviewing him and I want to share that with you. For the first 20 or so minutes I have some introductory thoughts and reflec

Episode 64: Update on Benny Hinn’s Repentance
March 17, 2022

Benny Hinn made big headlines in the evangelical world a couple of years ago when he supposedly repented of preaching the prosperity gospel. Has he repented? I’ll play some recent clips and we will discuss.  Steven Kozar's full video (must see): htt

Episode 63: Why Are Charismatics So Weird? Jesus Playing With Hair and Making Snowmen
March 05, 2022

This is the latest installment of my “Why Are Charismatics So Weird?” Series. In this program, you will not believe what former Bethel Pastor, Jenna Winston, said Jesus did in her bedroom. And we’ll also hear from Beth Moore. ==> Subscribe to the Justi