Scientific Healing with Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

Scientific Healing with Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

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What’s in a Name with Sharon Lynn Wyeth
May 12, 2019

Sharon Lynn Wyeth, has spent 15 years developing a science of what names mean. When I heard this, it got my attention because I also heard that companies hired her to help them select the best candidates for their open positions; lawyers consult for g...

Healing Tips to Get Well Really Fast
May 12, 2019

In this broadcast, you'll get five tips (and a bonus tip) for getting back to full health really fast, even with things you've struggled with in the past.

Choosing Your Quantum Reality Effortlessly
May 03, 2019

When you are in a difficult situation where you see no way out, try creating a new reality using the steps outlined in this broadcast.

Survive Your Holidays with Difficult Family or Friends: 3 Energy Healing Tips
April 27, 2019

In this presentation, you'll hear three deceptively simple but very powerful tips for helping you keep your sanity during the holidays or big events . During every such gathering,

More Than Enough to Discover Your Limitless Potential with Lara Jaye
March 15, 2019

Lara Jaye works with clients worldwide who want to up-level their life holistically while realizing deeper meaning.  Lara helps CEO’s, leaders, executives and entrepreneurs find their strategic edge to lead their business and company to higher levels o...

Overcoming Self-Sabotage to Move into Your Future Success
February 16, 2019

Rewrite the narrative for sabotage, listen in to discover how Discover some simple strategies for overcoming self-sabotage, which includes how you speak to yourself and questions to ask yourself when setting your goals.

Reaching the Quantum Field and Other Scientific Weirdness in Energy Healing
November 25, 2018

Today's topic is again about the quantum field, what is it, how to reach it and what is really meant when people talk about it. - There are also in depth explanations about wave particle duality of light and mat...

The High Performance Habits of the Conscious Millionaire with JV Crum III
November 16, 2018

JV decided to be a millionaire when he was 6 and he succeeded at age 26. He had everything that you would dream of in terms of money, big house, big cars, etc., after bringing his dad's business to multimillion producing status.

Trauma Release with Dr. Tedd Koren’s Koren Specific Technique
October 19, 2018

Dr. Tedd Koren talks about how he developed his Koren Specific Technique or KST for rapid trauma release.  It's a personal story of him being in pain for ten years and unable to help others because his hands were in so much pain after a car accident.

The Truth Behind the Myths of Self-Healing for Energy Healers
October 12, 2018

Who has ever heard that you can't heal yourself or your family members? There are several myths out there that you healers can’t heal yourselves: you need help from other healers of you can’t heal your family members even. - Not only can you,