Derby Rocz Podcast

Derby Rocz Podcast

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Derby Rocz Episode #420
August 11, 2023

Episode 420 Schramm and Cash are joined by the President of the Cleveland Guardians Taghurt. We talk about all things including Summer Affair this weekend!

Derby Rocz Episode #419
August 04, 2023

Episode 419Cash and Schramm are joined by to talk about the Roc'N Robbin Games tomorrow!

Derby Rocz Episode #418
July 28, 2023

Episode 418Cash and Schramm are joined by Missouri House Minority Leader and former Springfield Roller Derby member Crystal is running for Governor of Missouri!

Derby Rocz Episode #417
July 21, 2023

Episode 417Cash and Schramm are joined by Flour City Fear skaters Intrusive Thot and Kelly-ateral Damage talking about boot camp and more!

Derby Rocz Episode #416
July 14, 2023

Episode 416Schramm and Cash are joined by's Juggs Bunny! Lots of news to end the show!

Derby Rocz Episode #415
July 07, 2023

Episode 415Schramm and Cash talk about all the derby. We flash back to May of 2021 and talk to Hooligans Juke of Hearts!

Derby Rocz Episode #414
June 30, 2023

Episode 414Schramm and Cash talk about this past week in roller derby! We replay our interview with Olympic Gold Medalist Erin Jackson.

Derby Rocz Episode #413
June 23, 2023

Episode 413Schramm and Cash are joined by Austin Anarchy's Maneki. We talk about this weekends

Derby Rocz Episode #412
June 16, 2023

Episode 412-Cash and Schramm talk about playoffs in Rochester last weekend and their weeks and we run the Shred Astaire from the GateKeepers interview.

Derby Rocz Episode #411
June 09, 2023

Episode 411Cash and Schramm are joined in the studio with Cinncinati Junior Roller Derby's Manager Chris and skaters Lil Bruiser, Hot Rod, Meer Kat and Blazing Grace!