Deluxe Edition: A Classic Pop Culture Podcast

Deluxe Edition: A Classic Pop Culture Podcast

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#45 - The Best Christmas Movies?
December 21, 2021

You know what time of year it is? That's right! Time for Christmas entertainment to compete for your last dollar. Join Casey and The Grinch as they talk about their favorite Christmas movies. Some we are certain you have not heard of. Let us know wha

#44 - Wrestlers Who Crossed Over to Film
December 12, 2021

With professional wrestlers currently body slamming Hollywood, including The Rock, John Cena, Dave Bautista, etc., we talk about other wrestlers who made the leap to film and television. Some you may know, and some may be a surprise to you.Be sure to let

Season 2 Trailer
December 07, 2021

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#43 - Our Favorite Fan Films
November 21, 2021

In this episode, we each bring a few of our favorite fan films to discuss. Did you know there was an unofficial Punisher movie with Thomas Jane? What about a Ghostbusters story that takes place in Los Angeles? Join Bill, Casey, and our guest Amber Hofmeis

#42 - Movies With Killer Games
November 05, 2021

In Episode 42, Bill and Casey talk about other movies that involve games of death. It is an exciting episode as we come away with more questions than answers. Did Casey actually know Squid Games? Was he high? Does Bill ever get anything right? Oh, and we

#41-The Beastmaster is Back! Another Huge Interview with Marc Singer
October 22, 2021

Marc Singer is back with another incredible interview. https://www.deluxeedition.show us and subscribe on YouTube:

#40 - Deborah Voorhees Bares All
October 14, 2021

This week Bill & Casey talk to Deborah Voorhees. You may remember Deborah from Friday The 13th: A New Beginning, but she was also in Riptide & Dallas! Deborah has a movie coming out October 22, 2021 called 13 Fanboy that she co wrote and directed.

Season 2 Trailer
October 08, 2021

This is our trailer for Season 2. https://www.deluxeedition.showSupport the show (

#39 - Jack O’Halloran Is Way More Than Just Non
September 24, 2021

Jack O'Halloran answers all our questions, and then some. Jack's family legacy, boxing, and Hollywood movie career might be bigger than you ever knew (it sure was for us). In this interview, Jack tells us about his fight with Christopher Reeves,

#38 - First Bad Movies of Famous Actors
September 17, 2021

This week Bill has a surprise movie quote game for Casey. Then the boys discuss the first bad movie that some famous actors were in.https://www.deluxeedition.show