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Optometry Podcast: Dr. Will To Shares His Journey on Opening a Private Practice
February 10, 2020

Chances are that if you’ve been at a conference or an optometry event in the last few years, you’ve had a chance to meet and learn from Dr. Will To. The optometrist behind the aptly named @thetravelingOD account on Instagram has made it his mission in ...

Optoturban Podcast: The Power of Being Social!
February 06, 2020

Being social has led to many benefits for Heather Ogoke and Jasdeep Soni while being in Optometry school or while seeing patients. They discuss some tips to become more social.  Tips to Become More Social Smiling goes a long way.

ODs on Facebook Podcast: Sports Vision with Dr. Jennifer Stewart
January 27, 2020

Sports Vision with Dr. Jennifer Stewart

Optometry Podcast: Practice Management, Fashion, and Life Tips with Dr. Athena Brasfield
January 27, 2020

Dr. Athena Brasfield is known in the industry for her glamorous social media feed @drbrasfield, but do you know the hard-working optometrist behind the account? On this podcast, Dr. Darryl Glover sits down with Dr.

Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate Episode 39: Your 2020 Mantra
January 16, 2020

There are moments in life when we need a positive phrase to remind us of our power. It can be a low moment or it can be a high moment, but all the same we need a phrase to give us power. In 2020, we want to give you a mantra to get you through […]

Optometry Podcast: Play Chess, Not Checkers with Dr. Adam Ramsey
January 13, 2020

“We all have 24 hours in a day, it’s how we utilize it that makes the difference,” explains Dr. Adam Ramsey when asked how he has accomplished so much in his young optometric career. The business owner and author of a new book on practice management si...

2019 Recap with Dr. Jaclyn Garlich of 2020 Glance
January 06, 2020

We can’t truly start 2020 until we’ve teamed up with Dr. Jackie Garlich of 2020 Glance to break down the biggest new additions in pharmaceuticals and eyecare technology of the past year. Think not a lot happened in 2019 that influenced the way you prac...

Optometry Podcast: The 2019 Optometrist Report
December 23, 2019

Drs. Darryl Glover and Jennifer Lyerly discuss Optometry by the numbers with Dr. Matt Geller, Founder and CEO of Covalent Careers. To learn more, check out The 2019 Optometry Report: An Epic Journey and Optometry by the Numbers 2019.

Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate Episode 38: Stop Policing Women’s Voices
December 13, 2019

“Man, doesn’t she sound shrill?!” Those words can easily cut deep. It feels like someone is attacking us personally. While it is important to accommodate our patients who are hard of hearing, it is also important to own your voice as apart of who you a...