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Accepting Criticism
June 20, 2022

New Consumer Data Shows What’s Holding Back Your Contact Lens Practice
June 13, 2022

Join the 2022 Contact Lens Institute Visionaries to learn more about consumer data.

Rx Dry Eye: 3 Protocols to Dry Eye Success
June 06, 2022

To diagnose dry eye in her practice, Dr. Denton uses a set protocol to screen patients to unlock the two major categories of dry eye causation: inflammation and obstruction. Her work up includes OSDI

The Vision Council Regional Connection Series (Chicago): Social Listening, Networking, and More!
May 30, 2022

Drs. Darryl Glover and Harbir Sian sat down with Dean Browell and Nathan Troxell to discuss the upcoming Regional Connection Series event; how they are involved; and what attendees can expect. The Reg

A Paradigm Shift In Your Optical Retail
May 22, 2022

Calling all eyecare professionals! Dr. Janelle Davison breaks down how to take control of your revenue, increase efficiency, and reduce costs through a cloud-based solution. Learn more about Paradeyem

Tackling Allergic Conjunctivitis with Dr. Rachael Wruble
May 02, 2022

This podcast is made possible by the support of Allergan, an AbbVie company. Dr. Wruble is a consultant for Allergan. It’s that time of year in North Carolina for Dr. Jennifer Lyerly who practices at