Latest Episodes

#11 To Exhale a Pandemic
April 27, 2020

Making sense of the Covid-19 Pandemic with a Sufic story from the 9th century, a philosophical concept, and some relatively ignored global health data.

#10 It’s Okay to Lose Yourself
April 07, 2019

How to be okay with losing yourself during transition periods and evolving from ideas about a static self. Touching on the Teachings of Don Juan on the four natural enemies on the path to becoming a person of knowledge.

#9 Storytelling
March 24, 2019

The magic of storytelling and its elements, through an original spoken word poem, "Sleeping in Kyiv." And a visualization that asks you how you storytell, within.

#8 What’s in the Travellin’ Man’s Briefcase?
March 03, 2019

After re-locating to Kyiv, Ukraine for 6 months, I'm sharing what I've packed in my travellin' briefcase. What does responsible international development work look like? How do you avoid losing yourself?

#7 Mind the (Generational) Gap
January 30, 2019

What is the Generational Gap and why does it hurt? How does it affect our decision-making? What does it mean to balance survival and self-actualization?

#6 Viral Videos Objectify You Too
January 23, 2019

How do viral videos objectify the people in the video and you as the watcher? What aren't we asking when we form a conclusion from a sensationalized video? What does a 900-year old quote have to do with any of this?

#5 Who’s Hijacking Your Mind?
January 16, 2019

Remembering the value of our thoughts, and what we choose to think about. What or who controls your mindshare? How can we reclaim our thoughts using the principle of unlearning?

#4 I Am Going To Die.
January 08, 2019

How often do you think about your own death? Does our intellectual (mis)understanding of death push us further from a direct 'knowing' of it? How can we create differently by factoring the possibility of sudden death into the calculation of daily deci...

#3 Social Justice or Social Mercy?
December 26, 2018

“One of the last things man will surrender is his suffering” Ivanovich Gurdjieff How do we identify with our suffering, how do we let it go? Is our social justice rooted in our anger, shame, and fear? By letting go of suffering,

#2 Tearing Apart Personality. Wisdom of the Enneagram
December 18, 2018

I’ll be exploring personality, what drives us, how our basic fears play into the patterns of our minds, the realm of the unconscious. I’ve come across the Enneagram, an ancient symbol that’s been applied to systematically help people like you and me di...