Dear Workaholics

Dear Workaholics

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Your Environment Matters – The Mindset Edition
January 01, 2020

In the last episode, Kat Nieh talks about purging and decluttering your environment. Today, she addresses something even more important than your physical space - your mindset. Discover how you can clear your mental space and take a mindful attitude to...

Your Environment Matters—The People Edition
December 25, 2019

Your interpersonal relationships play such a huge role in your life, both in the short and long term. Handled wrong, this can be a recipe for disaster for the direction you want your life to head in. But as with all things,

Your Environment Matters – The Clutter Edition
December 19, 2019

You are what you live in. Holding onto all that stuff takes up a lot of mental and emotional energy that you might not be aware of. Decluttering material things you no longer need or that don’t serve you anymore can help you declutter your inner being....

Three Unexpected Long Term Damages Of Multitasking
December 13, 2019

Many people multitask in order to be more productive. A number of researches have shown that we should stop multitasking because it actually leaves us more unproductive and does more harm than good. In this episode,

Five Common Side Effects Of Multitasking
December 05, 2019

For many, doing tasks simultaneously allows them to be more productive. However, there are always side effects regardless of how many things you can do at the same time. Today, Kat Nieh covers the five common side effects of multitasking and touches on...

Wait, Did I Really Say “Gratitude?”
November 28, 2019

Gratitude is about grounding yourself in the present in a very positive way. In this episode, host Kat Nieh reminds us that we need to be grateful for everything we have been through. She shares how you can use gratitude as a leveraging tool that can m...

2.3 Even If It’s Against Societal And Cultural Norms
November 21, 2019

You don’t always have to go along with what society and culture tells you to do. You should live your own life and seek out the unknown. In this episode, Kat Nieh reminds us that we can still live happy and fulfilling lives despite going against societ...

2.1 You Are Your Own Source + 2.2 It’s Ok To Create Your Own Path
November 14, 2019

You don’t have to look for strength to create your own path somewhere else. You are your own source of power. In this episode, Kat Nieh reminds us that we can fight our internal bullies, look within, and recognize that we have all the answers to live o...

What Was Holding Me Back
November 04, 2019

Acceptance is something most of us are seeking for, but it is also something that generates fear because if it is not attained, we feel judged and uncertain of our existence. When this fear strikes, we lag and sometimes become unproductive.

1.4 Work Life Harmony And 1.5 Enough Is Enough
October 10, 2019

Stop trying to achieve the work-life balance everyone keeps on talking about because it doesn’t exist. Balance is different for everyone and it's constantly changing as your life evolves based on your priorities and situations.