Marketplace Ministry Podcast with Deanna Falchook

Marketplace Ministry Podcast with Deanna Falchook

Millennial Bashing: Why You Don’t See it In Network Marketing! - Marketplace Ministry Podcast with Deanna Falchook

August 28, 2017

Millennial Bashing is saturating google searches.  You don't have to read far to find out that millennials are being accused of ruining industry after industry.   According to recent research millennials have ruined the following:


* Offices - Millennials are simultaneously being accused of ruining office culture and working too hard, thereby destroying the Travel industry because they never go on vacation.
* Department Stores
* Handshakes
* Cars
* Traditional Marketing
* Work in General
* Suits
* 9-5 Workday
* College
* Credit Cards
* Restaurants
* Sex

Funny Things they are accused of ruining

* Buffalo Wild Wings
* Golf
* Bar Soap
* Wine Corks
* Napkins
* Home Depot
* Light Yogurt
* Marmalade
* Cereal
* Olympics
* Baby Names


10 Attributes for a Millennial Friendly Network Marketing Company:

If you are a millennial looking to start your own business in Network Marketing make sure the company you are working with encourages a culture where millennials are greatly valued.

Millennials place importance on the following value system for their ideal career or business.

* Purpose   
* Contribution
* Freedom