Friday Night Live with David and Sue

Friday Night Live with David and Sue

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FNL – A is for Alphabet …
June 04, 2023

… And Anything else you can think of. Although, Amazingly, listeners get with the Agenda Awfully well this time. Are they AOK? #EmbraceJOY Support this podcast. Donate to JOY -and/or-... LEARN MORE

FNL – Doubling Up
May 26, 2023

In this show its artists and songs with double letters in their name or title . or both. And its also double trouble doubling up on presenters David... LEARN MORE

FNL – Oo ee ah la de da
May 20, 2023

Yes, David and Sue present songs with repetitive, meaningless lyrics. Some might say that sounds like their usual conversations. But that wouldnt be very nice, would it? (Just keep those... LEARN MOR

FNL – David and Sue work out … Really?
May 13, 2023

Go to the gym regularly and you too could look 13 years younger. Or failing that, grab yourself a photo from 13 years ago This podcast could become your... LEARN MORE

FNL – It’s Sue’s Birthday and she’s having a Radiothon
May 12, 2023

Lots of people join or renew memberships and donate, plus give lots of positive feedback to David and Sue and JOY over all. Super Radiothon effort, Listeners, from next door... LEARN MORE

FNL – Gone but not forgotten
April 29, 2023

From Peter Allen to Laura Branigan to Prince to The Clash to Amy Winehouse and more Whitney Houston proves to be surprisingly popular. And the best request . The... LEARN MORE

FNL – Remakes, remixes and, possibly, originals
April 23, 2023

or even a few Pet Shop Boys? Sue complains, David doesnt. No surprises there. #EmbraceJOY Support this podcast. Donate to JOY -and/or- Become a member

FNL – While the cats are away ….
April 16, 2023

David and Sue are on a road trip .. Together? For safetys sake No way!! Theyve gone in opposite directions They live to return Meanwhile, Pete... LEARN MORE

FNL – It’s Retro Disco!
April 10, 2023

Its David, no Sue, but with a fab blast from the past, Geoffrey, who has done lots with JOY over the years, and is still a great supporter. Obviously! Great... LEARN MORE

FNL – Happy 13th Anniversary
April 08, 2023

Your favourite air-heads have been on air together for 13 years. As David and Sue reminisce, be dumbfounded, celebrate, cry tears of joy or something else. Clap your hands,... LEARN MORE