Friday Night Live with David and Sue

Friday Night Live with David and Sue

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FNL – It’s Floor Fillers
July 23, 2022

Get the party started! David and Sue supply the music to get the crowds up on your dancefloor. Get energetic…. And you can make the occasional slow moves too ♥... LEARN MORE

FNL – David & Sue Clap and Whistle
July 15, 2022

Believe it or not, there are a few good clapping songs. Whistling not so much. Sort of suits David – he really can’t whistle!

FNL – Celebrating NAIDOC Week
July 08, 2022

  For NAIDOC Week David and Sue present a show chock full of music from Indigenous Australian artists. Such variety … it makes for a great episode of Friday Night Live.... LEARN MORE

FNL – It’s been a big week
July 04, 2022

  Sue walked 13 km …. who’d have thought she could do that?! And you must hear her sandwich story! David is told to listen … because he’s not very... LEARN MORE

FNL – Out-classing yourselves
June 25, 2022

David and Sue are super-impressed with listeners’ choices of Girl Groups and Boy Bands, or Boy Groups and Girl bands, or Girl and Boy Groups or Bands, or Girls, or... LEARN MORE

FNL – Sue is weird
June 19, 2022

David is in but Sue can’t remember his name. Or much else. That’s not really a side effect of being jabbed, is it? In this show it’s dedications – mostly... LEARN MORE

FNL – David and Sue are sick!
June 13, 2022

  Your beloved hosts are all about A. E. I. O. U. the Vowel Movements 

FNL – David & Sue face the music
June 05, 2022

For David and Sue, this show is all about the face

FNL – The ing-ing show (Seriously? Blame Sue!)
May 28, 2022

David and Sue are play-ing tonight … Songs with ing in them. Lead-ing to some rather tortured conversation

FNL – Elton John & Lady Gaga
May 25, 2022

    Lots of great requests from listeners. Lots of messages too although David and Sue didn’t quite get to them all. Moral of the story … message early!  ♥... LEARN MORE