Friday Night Live with David and Sue

Friday Night Live with David and Sue

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FNL – Rainbow Colours
January 28, 2023

David and Sue celebrate the colours of the rainbow this 2023 Midsumma season. As always, expect the unexpected. And the expected – like Sue’s (red, red?) whine as she returns... LEARN MORE

FNL – Music from films and TV
January 22, 2023

Its the second week of Sues holidays / Unbelievably, David doesnt choose a PSB show . but that doesnt mean no PSB songs. Some songs are so obvious,... LEARN MORE

FNL – It’s not what you requested
January 21, 2023

Sue is back from holidays which is why David chose tonights theme. He expected Sue to have a fluffy brain and she has! What a predictably unpredictable duo!!... LEARN MORE

FNL – It’s David Solo
January 06, 2023

Sues gone on summer holidays so David can play Pet Shop Boys for two hours . but he doesnt. Amazing! Instead, hes celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Eurythmics Sweet... LEARN MORE

FNL – NYE Special with David and Sue
January 05, 2023

Has it seemed like a long year for you? Sue asks David. Oh, not really, David replies. Only twelve months. And so 2022 ends as it began . and looks... LEARN MORE

FNL – looks to Boxing day with Pete & Joss
January 05, 2023

David has buzzed off early to Adelaide for Christmas. Sue is shopping and shopping and oh, shopping. Pete & Joss play understudies, presenting a playlist for your Boxing Day... LEARN MORE

FNL – David & Sue’s Christmas Party
December 16, 2022

You can tell its Christmas season. David and Sue are almost nice to each other! You might notice just a little contretemps in there The music is a chill... LEARN MORE

FNL – David & Sue do One-Name Artists
December 14, 2022

As Christmas approaches, Sue starts the show by taking on the persona of a one-name character Grinch But then she becomes much more agreeable (to some of us!)... LEARN MORE

FNL – David & Sue’s Big Hair Day
December 04, 2022

Lots of artists with the same big hair. But such a variety of music. David and Sue wear big hair for the occasion. Sue could do it naturally but goes... LEARN MORE

FNL – David & Sue are going places …
December 01, 2022

in their dreams via the music chosen by listeners London, New York and who knows where else! You might ask where one person has been former... LEARN MORE