Dating Kinda Sucks

Dating Kinda Sucks

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Was it just a Fight or Are They Toxic?
March 24, 2023

Friendships and relationships can be tricky, but one important tool to navigate them is to recognize toxicity and cut it out of your life. This week, your hosts talk about those people in your life wi

Pair Bonding and Promiscuity
March 03, 2023

Before you listen to this episode, call the DKS Hotline at 407-519-0181 and ask us a question! Done? Great. The new trend in toxic man culture and women shaming is a nonsense phrase called "pair bondi

Dating While Broke
February 17, 2023

With so many layoffs happening and so many people suffering financially, dating can seem daunting. Your hosts talk about the best mindset to have if you're dating while watching your budget, and ways

Will You Marry Me?
January 27, 2023

What's the end goal of a relationship? Does it have to be marriage? After Sarah takes a private trip to Hawaii, does she have big news about her and Roy? You won't want to miss this episode, full of t

Making Friends
January 13, 2023

One important aspect of healthy relationships is the platonic friendships we make, and this week your hosts will explore the tricky topic of how the hell you make friends as an adult? Also this week,

How Much Does Money Matter?
December 09, 2022

Is paying for everything a red flag? The power of money can create an obligation even in the most innocent of scenarios, but when used maliciously, it creates a false sense of obligation and a dangero

Red Flags in Bed
October 21, 2022

There are red flags to watch out for when you first meet someone, and then there are the red flags that don't show up until you're naked and vulnerable in bed with a new partner. Sarah and Adam identi

The Mullet Conundrum
October 07, 2022

What is the mullet conundrum? It's the issue you're presented with when the partner you love makes a cosmetic change that you hate. How do you handle it? Sarah and Adam discuss the best actions you ca

The Stigma of Being Single
September 16, 2022

Can we stop treating single people, and especially single women, like theyre somehow incomplete? This week, Sarah and Adam talk about stopping the stigma society places on being single. Are you contr

Traveling With Your Partner
September 02, 2022

They say that one of the best ways to test a relationship is to go on vacation together (that or shop at IKEA). Sarah and Adam give you some great tips for making the most out of traveling, setting ex