Dating Intelligence the Podcast

Dating Intelligence the Podcast

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Fundamental Love! feat. Dr. Travis Fox/Michelle Fox
August 16, 2022

Every great relationship starts with a strong foundation. Our guests today, Dr. Travis Fox and Michelle Fox, join the show to discuss how to find the hero within your personal and business life.  Then Christopher and Jamie get deep with them as they talk

Weight For Me! feat. Dr. Kien Vuu
August 09, 2022

 In a relationship, how do you monitor your fitness and health as well as keeping your partner accountable for theirs?   Concierge performance and longevity physician, media expert and author, Dr. Kien Vuu, joins the show to help us discover one of the mo

Intellectually Stimulated! feat. Chris Parker
August 02, 2022

Do you find intelligence sexy? The difference in intelligence levels can sometimes tip the balance when it comes to meeting the right person and being in a relationship. Fashion designer and trend setter, Chris Parker, joins the show to discuss his day to

Diversifying Divorce! feat. Dr. Medina Culver
July 26, 2022

After divorce can you show a great deal of variety; expand your POV and be open to something new and different. Family Practitioner, Dr. Medina Culver, joins Christopher and Jamie on the show to discuss her career, recent divorce and making a choice to ch

I'm on top of the World! feat. Ali Chapman
July 19, 2022

When you feel everything in your life is going great considering all the obstacles and odds that you face in your day to day life.  Actress and entertainer, Ali Chapman, joins Christopher and Jamie on the show to share how she takes the good and the bad i

Living Single! feat. Kassi Jayde
July 12, 2022

Being in a relationship isn’t for everyone. In fact there are more people who would rather go it alone these days than get into a full on relationship. Country Soul singer, Kassi Jayde, joins Christopher and Jamie on the show to discuss her music, what sh

Meet Me For A Date! feat. Nestor Gibbs
July 05, 2022

What label do you use when you meet someone for the first time to catch up? The Boxing Voice's founder and host, Nestor Gibbs, joins the show to discuss his long running podcast of 10 years, success and just loving life.  Then Christopher and Jamie p

Whoa...What's the Rush! feat. Taylor Frankie Paul
June 28, 2022

Young love tends to be based on nothing but feelings. The couple has not yet faced and overcome a challenge or difficulty together.  So then what's the big rush on getting married at such a young age?  TikTok sensation, Taylor Frankie Paul, of MomTok

Heading Downhill Fast! feat. Liam Morgan
June 21, 2022

Getting up everyday and dealing with the hamster wheel of life can be taxing.  Long board downhill pro skater and CEO of Prism Skate, Liam Morgan, joins the show with Christopher and Jamie to talk about what to do to escape the pressure's of your day

Identity Crisis! feat. Corrie Yee
June 14, 2022

Do you every question your sense of self or identity? Trying to find out who you really are can be tough.  Learning how to love yourself and be your true self and not care about what people think of you is our ultimate goal.   International model, Corrie