da soul bradda podcast

da soul bradda podcast

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howzit bradda?! (soulmega)
May 10, 2022

im back – healed, hopeful and happy. listen up and catch up with me #soulmega

rose, buzz on
April 19, 2022

tribute to my auntie, who went home to be with the lord. always loved, never forgotten, a hui hou… the soul bradda will be back on in a week or so. until then, prayers for my family that we stay soul

April 13, 2022

really, what is the rush? life is meant to be walked, not ran through. listen in on what happened to me when i rushed and the predicaments i have put myself into because of it. live and learn yall, li

wants no more (inspiration of the rosie)
April 08, 2022

a challenging yet inspiring day, courtesy of the rosie

why kid, parents?
April 05, 2022

no, da kine not hawaiian pigeon podcast, but soul bradda asking why you parents do what(ever) you (want to) do and allow your kids to suffer rather than raising the future the right way. regardless of

lifting of the veil
March 29, 2022

for most of us, the veil is finally being lifted. mask mandates across the u.s. are ending but is this a wise move. my thoughts, how we are handling things here in da’ nei and what i think we have to

stay present
March 24, 2022

dont let it go to your head
March 22, 2022

when those things in life bog you down and have you second guessing yourself, know that they are not worth it and are not supposed to be burdens to us while we live this life. life is supposed to be l

the oasis
March 15, 2022

throughout all my struggles and trials, i have finally made it and friends let me tell you, it feels soul on-time, soul right and soul good!

as the wind blows
March 08, 2022

although the wind may blow, i never let it steer me off course. more about staying rooted and handling life as it comes, step by step, day by day, the soul bradda way!