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How To Speak Effectively On The Phone - English Lessons - Telephone Skills
May 01, 2023

One of the worst parts of being a salesman is getting rejected on the phone the first 3 seconds of the call. How can you prevent that from happening, so you can close more sales? Dan Lok is sharing his best-kept methods on how to speak effectively on the

The Most Critical Skill For Building Wealth
April 22, 2023

Does being good at what you do will get you paid big enough to be wealthy? Why do some people who are the best in their fields still struggling to earn income generating wealth?Find out the key factors that maybe missing in your wealth building journey in

How To Learn Anything Faster
April 17, 2023

How much do you remember when you read, hear, and do other activities to learn something? Which type of activity will help you learn the fastest?In this episode, you will discover which ways will help you retain more information and give you a better lear

The Consumer Buying Process: How Consumers Make Product Purchase Decisions
November 05, 2020

Are you selling online? Are you running an online business? If you do virtually anything online, you want to listen to this episode because how consumers make product purchases decisions is completely changing.

What Is the Real Difference Between An Entrepreneur And A Business Owner?
November 03, 2020

Did you use the words business owner and entrepreneur as synonyms so far? You thought it’s just one and the same thing? You’ll be surprised to discover the real difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner. Got value from this episode?

How To Be Confident In Interviews
November 01, 2020

Your face is drained in sweat, and you stutter. The interviewer keeps asking you all these questions, their face giving you no clue if you are doing good. If that’s you during job interviews, you’ll be happy to discover how to be confident in interviews.

7 Traits Of Irresistible Offers: How To Create Offers That People Want To Buy
October 30, 2020

To create an irresistible offer you need to balance the scale of price and value. That’s how you create offers that people want to buy. Learn the 7 traits of irresistible offers by listening to this episode. Learned something new?

4 Proven Ways To Make Money
October 28, 2020

Most people think there are endless ways to make money, and they get overwhelmed. But there are only 4 proven ways to make money. Creating wealth is not that complicated... Listen to this episode and tell us which of the 4 ways you are currently using....

How Do You Overcome Having No Father Figure?
October 26, 2020

Dan Lok himself hardly saw his father growing up. It became even less when Dan and his mum migrated to Canada. Listen to this episode as Dan explains how you overcome not having a father figure. Learn to grow from it and become a self-reliant person.

Do You Have To Start A Business To Be Successful?
October 24, 2020

Do you often see people on social media who go on crazy holidays and own expensive cars? Maybe that’s why you want to be an entrepreneur too? The question is, do you really have to start a business to be successful?