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The Colin Kaepernick tipping point - We're All Gonna Die - Sept. 9, 2018

September 09, 2018

Ooh, y’all, it’s been a spicy one. Between Senate hearings and anonymous op-eds, the political world has been all a-Twitter. I absolutely intended that pun.

In this week’s ep, we break it all down for you: what happened at those social media hearings? Did Alex Jones and Marco Rubio get into a fight? Does Jack Dorsey have a nose ring? How do we feel about Colin Kaepernick’s Nike ad? And, more importantly, the memes!

And Jesus, what’s going on with these Kavanaugh hearings?

Plus, the gang puts in their best guesses for who wrote that anonymous op-ed. Is it Kellyanne Conway? Jim Mattis? MIke Pence? Melania? We don’t get any closer to the truth!



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