Dad Tired

Dad Tired

Dead Trees

July 24, 2017

Tired, a word that at one time or another describes every dad. But what happens when you are seriously exhausted? When you feel far from God, far from your family, and stretched to the breaking point? We have all been there. We have all at one time or another allowed our exhaustion to cause us to be a little abrupt with those we love or allowed our relationship with God to grow distant. This week, join host Jerrad Lopes as he discusses what to do when you are no longer trying to be the best husband or dad, but merely trying to survive. As tired as you are, grab a cup of coffee and squeeze a few extra minutes out of your day, because you won’t want to miss the encouragement from this episode.

Host: Jerrad Lopes

Mentioned during the episode:

· Stop Behaving: a gospel-centered devotional for men

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Show notes provided by Dad Tired contributor Jared Meade.