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DadSon by the Book
March 21, 2021

Son and Dad sit down to record (via Zoom) and someone forgot to do their podcast homework - hint, it isn't who you think it is.  But, being the podcast professionals (sarcasm intended) the duo quickly pivots (pandemic bingo) to  a range of topic

Beat That...the Re-Launch
August 09, 2020

Dad and Son return to try out a new way to record and talk about childhood collectibles...Beat THAT!

Episode #72 - Santa Sees You When You Are Sleeping
December 28, 2018

Dad and Son reunite during holiday break to discuss Santa watching you sleep, Mr Roboto, and the chances that people text while sleeping. Oh and the Canadian police have no sense of humor. Happy Holidays!

Episode #71 - This Podcast is Dad
November 21, 2018

Ahh Thanksgiving...a time that college students return home to record a podcast, explain new terms like 'dad' and share theories on killing spiders with a blowtorch. Oh, and of course we discuss first time voting...

Episode #70 - Mobile, Can You Hear Me
October 27, 2018

Dad calls the Son to discuss university, Halloween and of course strange stories...all the while trying to determine if the Son can 'hear me now'.

Episode #69 - Mr Roboto and Intimate Ghost Partners
September 15, 2018

Dad and Son return to discuss summer college session, discover a woman who claims to be intimate with ghosts and realize the Son has never heard of Mr. Roboto...enjoy.

Dadson #68 - Farewell, Fathers Day, Solo, and Garden Shears
July 08, 2018

The episode before the Son heads off to college. We discus Solo, The Incredibles, and a woman who cut off her husband's joystick with garden shears...and maybe it wasn't a joystick. Enjoy!

Episode #67 - Animal House
April 29, 2018

In preparation for going off to college, Dad and Son discuss the movie Animal House - toga, toga, toga. While applying life lessons from the movie, Dad and Son also discuss a crazy news story that hits close to home.

Episode #66 - College, Microwave Head and Sausage Jesus
April 22, 2018

Dad and Son discuss first day of college experiences then digress into a nativity scene involving a sausage and a guy who cemented a microwave on his know, the normal

Episode #65 - The Return of the Podcast
April 16, 2018

Dad and Son return to the podcast after a layoff to discuss Star War's Last Jedi, A Quiet Place (shhhh), naked cheeseburger man, and an intentional car cash. Oh, and we get to the answer to where the hell we have been. Thanks for listening.