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The One Where The Force Awakens
December 17, 2015

The force is strong with this episode... which considering it's the Season 1 finale of Dads On Ta...

The One Where We Actually Talk About "Ready Player One"
December 10, 2015

No, really... this time it's personal. Well, not so much personal as awesome, but that doesn't so...

The One Where We Get Ready To Talk About "Ready Player One"
December 04, 2015

So here's the thing. Ready Player One is... kind of a big deal. So much so we take two episodes t...

The One Where We Give Thanks
November 26, 2015

What are you thankful for this year? Well check out this very short episode of Dads On Tap and li...

The One Where Bobby Talks Music
November 18, 2015

Oh, you thought we would only discuss a certain topic once? WRONG! Meet Bobby, he likes to party....

The One Where We Talk About Red Cups & Politicians with Matt Geisler
November 12, 2015

What do evil red cups and politicians with fake hair have in common? Matt Geisler! That's what th...

Double Shot - Mighty Mike!
November 06, 2015

Brandon interviews the mighty Mike n this special Double Shot edition of Dads On Tap!

"The One Where We Talk about Halloween"
October 31, 2015

Live from the Fortress of Fathertude, it's Dads On Tap! In this episode, Brandon, Derrick and Mat...

The One Where Matt Gets Interviewed
October 24, 2015

In this episode, Brandon interviews Matt about what it's like to be a soon-to-be dad and everythi...

The One Where We Talk About Our Dads, Traditions & Superpowers
October 17, 2015

Everybody's working for the weekend, and that includes Dads On Tap. In this episode, Brandon, Der...