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Dad Needs To Talk

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Manga Talk: Soara and the House of Monsters volume 1
September 08, 2023

I take a look at Soara and the House of Monsters.Story & Art by Hidenori YamajiPublished by Seven Seas______________________________If you enjoy what I do and want to supportKofi:

Eternights Demo Impressions
September 06, 2023

After checking out the demo for Eternights on Steam, I had some thoughts to share and to put this on more people radar.Developer: Studio SaiPlatforms: PS5, PS4, Steam, Epic______________________________If you enjoy what I do and want to supportKofi:

One Piece Live Action, Sea of Stars, Under the Waves
September 05, 2023

This episode I share my thoughts on the One Piece Live Action series on Netflix. Also talk about a couple games Sea of Star, Under the Waves.Timestamps(00:00) Intro(01:20) One Piece Live Action(27:00) New gaming content and controllers(34:33) Sea of

EP 89: Most Anticipated Games of Fall 2023
August 26, 2023

This episode I take a look at what games I am excited for coming this fall. Hopefully I put some lesser known series on your radar while also talking about the big ones we are all anticipating.GameInformer Calendar

Manga Talk: Karate Survivor Vol 2-4
August 22, 2023

I went back to one of my hidden gems, Karate Survivor, that I originally reviewed 2 years.If you enjoy what I do and want to supportKofi: meMy website: https://d

Gran Turismo Movie & Twisted Metal TV Series
August 19, 2023

I enjoyed the Gran Tursimo movie and Twisted Metal TV series enough that I needed to talk about them.Timestamps(00:00) Intro(04:40) Gran Turismo movie(13:00) Twisted Metal TV Series(21:11) Future Playstation Productions releases___________________

Manga Talk: Ikigami The Ultimate Review
August 14, 2023

I read and reviewed Ikigami The Ultimate.Story & Art by : Motorou MasePublished by: Viz MediaTimestamps(00:00) Spoiler Free thoughts(13:46) Spoiler Thoughts______________________________If you enjoy what I do and want to supportKofi: https://

EP 88: Oppenheimer, Ooku of the Inner Chambers
August 11, 2023

I have returned after some time. I got to watch some interesting and thought provoking shows and movies like Oppenheimer and Ooku of the Inner Chambers. They really made me think of the mental weight of a person who has to shoulder world and humanity chan

Manga Talk: Underground from Saturday AM
July 19, 2023

I check out a new series from Saturday AM magazine called Underground.Story & Art by JR De BardPublished by Rockport PublishersFollow the magazine the author Support thi

The Reset and The Clean Table
July 07, 2023

I just need to talk after hitting a tipping point today. Often the little things can have the biggest impact like cleaning a table.Timestamps(00:00) Intro and life conversation(41:20) Summer anime has started(47:50) Other stuff Im watching(51:38) Fi