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CYBERnyama008 Facebook External Oversight Board Workshop Nairobi
March 28, 2019

CYBERnyama covers Facebook's External Oversight Board Workshop, which took place on the 26-27 March 2019 in Nairobi Kenya, the third round in Facebook's consultations regarding the setting up of an External Oversight Board.

CYBERnyama007 CYBERnyama07 - Barrett Brown (part 1)
February 25, 2019

Barrett Brown, a journalist, activist and satirist who has written for amongst others, Vice, the Guardian, and the Intercept. Barrett Brown was arrested in 2012 and spent 63 months in prison for activities related to his journalistic investigations. In th

CYBERnyama006 Digital Rights in Kenya
February 05, 2018

investigating digital rights, media shutdowns, and freedom of expression in Kenya with Ephraim Percy Kenyanito Digital Programme Officer for Article 19 Eastern Africa.

CYBERnyama005 Telecommunications Infrastructure in Africa
February 01, 2018

with Steve Song discussing his Africa Telecoms Infrastructure in 2017 Report

CYBERnyama004 Bots (Part I): InstaPy
January 26, 2018

with Tim GroƟmann

CYBERnyama003 Digital rights in Africa
January 17, 2018

discussing the Digital Rights in Africa 2017 report with Paradigm Initiative

CYBERnyama002 Dialling in to Chaos Communication Congress (34C3)
December 31, 2017

with Eva and Johannes of the Kern Punkto podcast

CYBERnyama001 Internet governance I
December 21, 2017

Internet governance and the Internet Governance Forum 2017