The CX Hustle Podcast

The CX Hustle Podcast

What call centre manager level are you?

August 08, 2019

It's common knowledge that the majority of call centre managers typically started their careers on the frontline talking directly to customers.

And whilst knowing the job from the inside-out can have its advantages, it often leaves call centre managers with a very myopic perspective having limited exposure of fundamental call centre management skills.

Those fundamental skills can apply to managing any call centre regardless of the industry, location or size of the contact centre.

In this podcast Justin Tippett and Daniel Ord cover the following topics:

- The two types of call centre managers.
- The four skill levels of call centre managers.
- The most important skill for call centre managers in today's world.
- What contact centre managers should be focussed on next.

If you are a current contact centre manager or have responsibility for the contact centre channel this episode is a must-listen!