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Cuz We're Nerds

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92. Joker
October 11, 2019

He's here and grittier than ever! Does this standalone version of Joker work or is it a convoluted mess? Will it spawn a series of standalone DC movies? And what legacy will it have? Find out here!

91. Are Video Game Remasters Good?
October 04, 2019

Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy X, Spyro, Halo...the list goes on and on. So many games recently have been remasters of games released 10 - 30 years ago. Is that a good thing? What happens when the landscape of games is mostly remasters? Let's take a look.

90. Pokemon Hasn't Changed
September 27, 2019

With over 28 games, Pokemon has pumped out the same formula time and time again. And with the jump to the Switch with Sword and Shield, that's more evident than ever. Is this a good thing? A bad thing? And how might some change affect the franchise?...

89. Kingdom Hearts Is The Best - Here's Why
September 20, 2019

Kingdom Hearts has been around for forever. So why is it still divisive? What makes it so endearing to some and so appalling to others? Let's dive in and find out who should play and why.

88. Titans are Back!
September 13, 2019

DC's Titans show is back for season 2! How does it stack up? And where is it going? Find out here!

87. Goodbye MCU Spider-man... + D23
August 30, 2019

Spider-man is out of the MCU FOREVER! Well, for now anyways. BUT, lots of awesome MCU and Star Wars stuff is coming to Disney+.

86. The Boys: An Exercise in Brutality
August 16, 2019

The Boys has hit Amazon Prime Video! What happens when the Justice League turn evil? (well, sort of). Let's find out!

85. Video Game Showdown
August 09, 2019

We pit video game characters from across the videoverse against each other in a no-holds-barred match! Who will come out on top? Find out on this episode of Cuz We're Nerds!

84. It's Morphin Time! Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid
August 02, 2019

Let's go Rangers! We dive into the amazing new tabletop game, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. With so many minis and awesome gameplay mechanics, how will we fare against the vile Rita Repulsa???? 12:35 - Power Rangers 36:00 - Trogdor Buy Power...

83. The Lion King and COMIC-CON!
July 26, 2019

The Lion Kin...COMIC-CON! COMIC-CON IS HERE! ...But this thing called The Lion King came ou- COMIC-CON! Sigh...yes, comic-con. 1:05:15 - Comic-Con Talk