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Curious Pavel - History meets Travel

Dealing With Loneliness as a Solo Traveller | Ideas For Making Friends on The Road S02E12

September 12, 2021

I tried solo travelling myself and found that it is not something that really fits me. I was very keen on hearing what Juleen has to say on the subject and we ended up discussing ways to meet people and make friends while travelling solo.

► About the guest:  

Juleen is a Jamaican lover of travel, wine, and the beach. Although she always had a desire to travel, it wasn't until she left Jamaica to attend college in the United States that her dream was actually realised. During her junior year, she spent a year living and studying in Europe (Italy and Hungary), while visiting other countries. It was during this time that her love of solo travel grew strongest. These days, Juleen hosts carnival- and wine-related group trips for solo travellers through her business Jump & Wine Travel. She also hosts weekly wine reviews on her social media accounts.  


► Mentions in the Podcast:  

- Use dating apps to meet locals and other travellers. I usually change my dating app bio to state that I'm visiting the city until a certain date and that I'm looking for people to meet up with or someone to show me around.  

- Join travel Facebook groups. Before and during a trip, I usually, post in my travel groups asking for recommendations of things to do and ask if anyone else is in the area and would like to meet up for a meal or to do an activity.  

- Be willing to get out of your comfort zone and talk to strangers. If you are out and see another person by themself, try to strike up a conversation.  - Staying in hostels is great for meeting other travellers. That means, from the get-go, you have something in common, you love to travel and are exploring the same city. From there, you might meet people to go grab a meal with or go do an activity you are both interested in.  

- Participate in group activities. Walking tours or activities hosted by hostels, for example, are great places to meet others. During a walking tour, when the tour guide isn't talking, you can interact with the people around you. Even if you don't meet people you want to hang out with afterwards, you get in some social time.  


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