Curious Pavel - History meets Travel

Curious Pavel - History meets Travel

Traveling & exploring by visiting RECORD STORES | Using Your Passion S02E11

August 29, 2021

Travelling by visiting record stores ► this episode is something really new! I was excited to record this episode as soon as Rose told me about this concept. The main thing that stands out for me from this episode is playing on your strengths and using them. I am curious to hear what is your biggest intake. let me know in the comments. =====

► About the guest:

There's always some Rose, somewhere, with a big nose who Knows.
Rose Knows is a native Los Angelina, Poly Genre DJ, Amateur Writer, True Crime Trivia Maitresse, Reiki Healer, Podcaster, Provocateur, and Jill of all trades. She enjoys dark films in sunny places, creating magic, contemplating the absurdity of reality and the desperate need for art that provokes. You can follow her musings on Instagram at @rose.knows and learn more about her upcoming podcast, Senses and Sensibilities here: or on IG @sensesandsensibilities =====