Curious Minds at Work

Curious Minds at Work

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CM 251: Eduardo Briceno on Improving Our Performance
October 23, 2023

Most of us are on a performance treadmill. We show up. We execute. Then tomorrow we do it all over again. - But this relentless focus on execution leaves little time for learning. As a result, our ski

CM 250: Gloria Mark on Improving Our Attention
October 09, 2023

We live and work in a digital world where getting interrupted by communication tools is the norm. That means we shift our attention at least every 47 seconds. Then it takes us about 30 minutes to get

CM 249: Daniel Simons on How to Avoid Being Fooled
September 25, 2023

As humans, we have certain default settings that help us navigate the world. Yet those same default settings make us vulnerable to fraud and deception. - For example, our ability to focus helps us con

CM 248: Vanessa Patrick On How To Say No
September 11, 2023

Were often told that saying yes to everything will be the key to our success. Itll strengthen our relationships, enhance our reputation, and help us achieve our goals. - But what if the reverse were

CM 247: Thomas Curran on the Perfection Trap
August 28, 2023

Aiming for perfection seems like a noble goal. Its like were holding ourselves to a higher standard or standing out from the crowd. - But striving for perfection means working toward the impossible.

CM 246: Simone Stolzoff On Our Relationship With Work
August 14, 2023

For many, work is the centerpiece of our lives. Its not only a source of status and fulfillment, but also central to our identity. - But what do we miss out on when hold these expectations of our wor

CM 245: Sally Jenkins on Elevating Your Performance
July 31, 2023

Winning athletes and coaches have a lot to teach us. Theyre asked to perform at the highest level, day in and day out, and they face enormous pressure to succeed. - Faced with these expectations, the

CM 244: Jonathan Rhodes on Getting the Life You Want
July 17, 2023

Theres a lot to be said for the excitement we feel when we first set a goal for ourselves. The sense of exhilaration can give us the momentum we need to get started. - But when the exhilaration wears

CM 243: Sheena Iyengar on How to Be An Innovator
July 03, 2023

Coming up with good ideas is hard. But its not because were not creative or smart enough. Its likely we just havent learned how. - Fortunately, Sheena Iyengar, Professor at Columbia Business Schoo

CM 242: Rainesford Stauffer on Reimagining Ambition
June 19, 2023

Ambition is complicated. Yet the messages we receive from an early age are simple: Winners never quit. Reach for the stars. Follow your dreams. - But like most simple messages, reality often pai