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#13 Moses Sithole, the ABC Killer
November 13, 2021

In this episode I discuss the terrible dastardly crimes of Moses Sithole. He is best known as the ABC killer because his crimes mostly took place in Atteridgeville, Boksburg, and Cleveland in South Africa. This monster killed 38 people, and he raped at le

#12 The Dark Strangler: Part 2
October 28, 2021

I cover the last few of Earle Leonard Nelson's horrific murders as well as how he was caught. Otherwise known as the Dark strangler, Earle Nelson murdered at least 22 people over a 16 month period in the 1920s. He would use the room for rent as a way to g

#11 The Dark Strangler: Part 1
October 18, 2021

Earle Leonard Nelson, otherwise known as the Dark Strangler was one of America's first known serial killers back in the 1920s. He had a crazy early life, and then went on to commit some of the most horrendous acts of violence of all time. He had over 20 k

#10 Islands I'd rather not visit
October 01, 2021

Episode 10!! This week I went and explored 3 terrifying, spooky islands that I would rather not go to! Dolls, snakes and tons of death lie ahead, because spooky season is here!

#9 The Van Breda family murders
September 23, 2021

In 2015 a tragedy struck Stellenbosch, South Africa. 3 of the 5 Van Breda family members were murdered viciously with an axe, the main suspect, the middle child, Henri van Breda. Listen to the details of the case and a few different theories on what happe

#8 Ten Bizarre and Unfortunate Deaths
September 15, 2021

In this episode I discuss 10 of some of the most bizarre and unfortunate deaths throughout history. From Sausage dogs, to eating too much, there is no place that is safe. There are so many more, so I will probably do another one at some point.

#7 Dennis Rader AKA BTK: Part 3
September 10, 2021

We have finally reached the end of talking about the monster that is BTK! In this episode I discuss how this moron got arrested and how he reacted. I also discuss some of his trial and some of the things that psychiatrists had to say about him.

#6 Dennis Rader AKA BTK: Part 2
September 08, 2021

Ooh this one is a rough one! I discuss the remaining terrible crimes committed by Dennis Rader over the years. Overall he murdered 10 people and did horrendous things, playing games with the police and somehow still not getting caught!

#5 Dennis Rader AKA BTK: Part 1
September 03, 2021

I discuss the monster that is Dennis Rader, also known as BTK. In this episode I discuss his upbringing, his family life and his first to sets of murders. This guy is a huge moron and I also go through some of his thoughts as well.

#4 Ten interesting sexual fetishes and practices
August 25, 2021

In this episode I go through a list of interesting and bizarre sexual fetishes and practices. There are SO many, so I might need to do this kind of episode again in future, let me know what you think?