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The Culture Reviewed Podcast

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Episode 21 – Why Buying Rental Property is Awesome!
January 06, 2018

Buying real estate then having someone else pay for it is one of the best ways I know to build wealth. In this podcast, we talk about the ins and outs of doing that and I share a few tips and techniques I've learned the hard way. - Resources:

Episode 20 – Random New Year’s Edition – Why New Year’s Resolutions Suck
January 01, 2018

Today we're talking about the new year and dumb resolutions that seem to accompany the fact that we've changed years. Tune in for my thoughts (rant) on it as well as some crypto updates! - Great GPU mining resource: -

Episode 19 – Random Christmas Edition – Whiskey, Jesus & Crypto
December 23, 2017

It's Christmas time and we're (mostly) talking about all things related to whiskey, Jesus and mining cryptocurrency! First, we'll discuss some mixed drink ideas that you could partake in over the holidays.

Episode 18 – Cryptocurrencies Part 2 – How to Mine Them
December 17, 2017

So I have delved into the world of mining cryptocurrencies and today, I'm bringing you along to review how to get started. I'll briefly go over cryptocurrencies and get into the specific hardware I'm using.

Episode 17 – Adventures in the Stock Market
December 07, 2017

Today's podcast delves into what I've learned about buying and selling stocks in the stock market. This year has been a pretty safe time to try my hand at this stuff. The markets have overall done exceptionally well lately but it can still give you som...

Episode 16 – What I Learned After Pausing the Podcast
November 29, 2017

On today's podcast, we'll dissect my somewhat flawed thought process on pausing the podcast and some valuable takeaways or lessons learned from the experience. - Support Culture Reviewed

Episode 15.5 – I Suck at IT, Podcast REACTIVATED!
November 25, 2017

So obviously the title if this podcast says it all. I’m starting the podcast back up after our extremely brief hiatus cause I can’t figure out the changes I want to make. So expect a new podcast early next week like normal and buckle up cause we’re goi...

Episode 15 – I’m PAUSING the Podcast and Here’s Why…
November 18, 2017

So as the title states, I'm going to put the podcast on hold temporarily for some needed improvements. Those reasons which I go into detail are that I need to change the 1. podcast distribution platform, 2. blog host and 3.

Episode 14.5 – Not a Podcast (Sick Again plus Gun Control Comments)
November 06, 2017

Well, if you can't tell by the title, illness has struck the Shank household once again. So unfortunately, no podcast today but I'm going to do my best to get the one I have planned for this week out ASAP. In the meantime,

Episode 14 – Dealing with Aging (or I’m Getting Too Old for This Sh…)
October 30, 2017

So I'm not sure if you've noticed but as the years go by, we all seem to be getting older and older for some reason. Being an astute observer of this reality, I have also noticed a marked increase in pain, throbbing in parts of my body that were not pr...