Closer to the Fire with Greg Musselman

Closer to the Fire with Greg Musselman

Season 2 Episode 16 India: Women and Girls Under Pressure to Leave Christianity

February 17, 2022

Christian women and girls are among those who are being aggressively targeted to convert to Hinduism. In the latest development, an anti-conversion bill has been passed in Jharkhand and made law in a location that is considered a tribal Christian belt in India. Without support and guidance, many new Christian women are now going back to their original religion.

Closer to the Fire podcast host Greg Musselman talks with “Kiara" (her real name was changed for security reasons). Kiara leads a local NGO in India that works with Christians facing significant restrictions, particularly women who are suffering harassment and violence as a result of being identified as a follower of Christ. She also is a ministry partner of The Voice of the Martyrs Canada.


Length 43 minutes