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Episode 12 – More Experiences and Drugs
January 16, 2022

Overview Gina tells about more of her experiences. One story had her son as a witness and they believe it involved old toy soldiers that were found. She also worked in a hospital and had several encou

Episode 11 – Gretchen Lock Talk
November 20, 2021

Overview Before we investigate anything, we like to delve into the background and history of the place. Colin is our expert at that and has done a great job finding out the truth behind Gretchens Loc

Episode 10 – More Experiences
October 15, 2021

Overview Gina is back with more of her experiences. There are differing thoughts on what these experiences are, and we discuss that. But are these experiences real? Or only real to the person experien

Episode 09 – Research
October 01, 2021

Episode Overview One area that isnt focused on is how to research. This is an important part of looking into the weird and strange, particularly cryptids. The more information you know about an area

Episode 08 – Interview with Stan Gordon
September 17, 2021

Today is a special episode with a special guest Stan Gordon. Stan has been doing investigations into Bigfoot and UFOs in the Chestnut Ridge area of Pennsylvania since the 60s. His team has looked

Bonus Episode – MI Paracon
September 16, 2021

Stephen and Gina recently attended the MIParacon and had a wonderful time meeting and talking with everyone. They met the Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Caught on Camera, Ghost Brothers and more. It was a

Episode 07 – Debunking
September 04, 2021

Today we talk about proof and debunking. One issue in todays world is it being WAY too easy to fake a picture and video. And, so much of what you find on the internet is so questionable as to what is

Episode 06 – Vampire Beast of Bladenboro
August 20, 2021

The Collective wanted to delve into a topic you dont hear discussed as much Mystery Carnivores with a focus on the Vampire Beast of Bladenboro. This is a hot topic for Colin and one of his favorite

Episode 05 – Kenny “The Cryptopunkologist” Irish
August 07, 2021

Our first interview is with Kenny The Cryptopunkologist from New York. Kenny has written a book that lists cryptids from each state. Besides, the paranormal world, Kenny is a musician and named himsel

Episode 04 – Experiences
July 17, 2021

Have you seen things you cant explain? Feel that youre in tune with parts of the universe that others arent? Believe in ghosts? You arent alone. Gina talks with us about things shes experienced t