Crunchy Cocktail Hour

Crunchy Cocktail Hour

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Health Myths Debunked, Episode 50
February 22, 2019

Want to know the real truth about some of the common health myths? Links mentioned in this episode: What we're drinking: Stone Moxie Gold IPAMyth #1: You need to take a daily probiotic Recommended Brands: Klaire LabsHyperbiotics – round pill,...

Going Crunchy? Getting Started with Skincare, Episode 49
February 08, 2019

It's tough to switch entirely over to natural skincare, so join us as we share the top ingredients to avoid to get you started.  Links mentioned in this episode: What we're drinking: Lawson's Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine IPA

Going Crunchy? Getting Started in the Kitchen, Episode 48
January 25, 2019

You asked, we answered! Here are our recommendations for taking the first steps to a non-toxic kitchen. Links mentioned in this episode: What we're drinking: Mionetto Prosecco Dogfish Head Namaste White

What’s in my nail polish?!, Episode 47
January 11, 2019

Nothing makes us feel more put together than having our nails painted. But unfortunately conventional nail polish is chock full of chemicals that we'd sooner avoid. Links mentioned in this episode: What we are drinking: Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc

Bloopers! Episode 46
December 28, 2018

Join us as we share a behind the scenes look at the Crunchy Cocktail Hour including some of our favorites from 2018, a look at 2019 and bloopers from previous episodes. Happy New Year!  Links mentioned in this episode:

Larisa Ruins Christmas, Episode 45
December 14, 2018

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree.  How toxic are thy branches? Links mentioned in this episode: What we're drinking: Feudo Palo Fiano Episode 09: Holiday Traditions Organic Christmas tree farms in the US US Lead Standards

Baby Food, Make or Buy?, Episode 44
November 30, 2018

Introducing solid foods to your baby can be tricky. On this episode we break down the when, how and what of starting your baby off no the right nutritional foot. - Links mentioned in this episode: What we're drinking: Slyfox Christmas Ale

Faulty Food, No Problem: The Low Down on Food Reconditioning, Episode 43
November 16, 2018

Food Reconditioning: the process of turning imperfect, mislabeled, or even contaminated foods into edible and profitable goods. - Links mentioned in this episode: What we're drinking: Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA

Crunchy Gift Guide 2018, Episode 42
November 02, 2018

Looking for a healthy spin on your gifts this year?  We're talking through our favorites and going off on random tangents! Links mentioned in this episode: What we're drinking: Two Roads Lil Heaven Session IPA  Kitchen Gifts -

The Itchy and Scratchy Show All About Eczema, Episode 41
October 19, 2018

There are endless creams, ointments and treatments for eczema that can have some serious side effects. On this episode, we dig into those treatments and as well as some more holistic alternatives while sharing our personal experiences with eczema. -